How to check keyword ranking?

please help me that how can we check keyword ranking for <snip>link deleted</snip> ??

Keyword ranking? I assume that you mean the website ranking for a specific keyword.

I would assume that you’re using Google’s keyword and analysis tools because they’re the most popular. I’m not sure if there’s a direct way. Google Analisys tools do tell you the search terms (your keywords) that are used to find your site. The percentages can give you an idea of how well your site does with certain keywords but they don’t tell your the ranking.

Firefox has a SEO extension that does the job for you though. It tells you the ranking of a page in different search engines. Can’t remember the name of it right now although it is easy to find.

You can use Google web master tools, Rank tracker, Traffic Travis, Micro site masters etc. to check Keyword ranking.

I personally use a service called Check Keyword Ranking and i am pretty happy with the results. You can try that

Hi. You can use seomoz tool, raven tools and cute rank checker tools,to check the Keywords Ranking . Either , You can use the manual way to check the Keyword Ranking.But, I prefer to Check the Keyword Ranks manually, it will provides you a perfect result.

If you want to check it manually then just write down the query in search engines that you want to check it out.

If you want 100% perfect result than I will prefer to do it manually… Other than that SEOMOz and Raven tools are good one.

you can check keyword ranking in WebCEO tool or you can check manually…i prefered both webceo and manually

Good question. Keyword raking checking is not a very difficult task. You can visit Google site and type there your keyword and check within different pages. Webceo tool is also good but you can check your keywords ranking manually.

You can check keywords ranking and how much competitive it on Google Keyword Tools. just go google Keyword and type words whatever you want and you will get all the information.

Im using IBP tool but most of the time i prefer checking my keywords manually…results are much accurate

i checking the keyword ranking manually in google one by one. it gives exact result. you can use seomoz tool for checking the keyword ranking.

I use Google’s keyword and analysis tools and thanks

You can check keyword manually or with help of software. If you want to check manually then just select country specific search engine (if you set your targeted country in webmaster account) or globally search engine. You can find your website if it is ranking for particular keyword. Apart from this you can use raven tools, rank checker, webmaster tool and rank spider to track current position of keyword.

Google’s Keyword Tool

The AdWords Keyword Tool is intended to give advertisers ideas on keywords they could use to target specific websites and synonyms for keywords they may be considering.

This tool could also be used for SEO purposes to find out what keywords your Web page is currently targeting or to get ideas on better keywords to use for your page.

I use this tool: . There are other similar tools too and you can use them to know the position of your website in Google for the keywords you want.

In google we will check it manually. It gives exact result

You can use this site for check your keyword ranking.

  • Google Adwords Tool
  • Wordstream keyword research
  • Wordtracker keyword research

you can check keyword ranking in WebCEO , GoogleMonitor , SmallSEOTool, IBP,…Contact to Google :smiley:

The best is adwords add preview tool but it takes time when you have to find website among 50 pages. The second one is SEOSERPS . com. This is better to check within a minutes.