Keywords Ranking

Can anybody here help me. I have a website that is <snip> and my main keywords are Award winning web design company, Best web design company and Web design company. So can anybody here check the ranking of my these keywords on
Actually I came to UK for my some business work and it is not showing me the actual ranking here on
According to me I would like to tell you my keyword ranking:

  1. Award winning web design company- 9th position on
  2. Best web design company- 56th position on
  3. Web design company- 191th position on

Please I have used the all keywords ranking tool like SEO spy glass, cute rank etc. I don’t want use the tools to check the ranking over here. If you can check manually on on your PC then it would be highly thanksfull.
Please US people only. No other country… !!! :slight_smile:

It’s a waste of time asking people to check your site’s ranking. Google’s entire search strategy these days is based on customised search results. I could give you the results that I see, but that won’t have any relation to the results that you see - or anyone else in the world. Put simply, there is no single figure that will tell you how your site is ranking.

If you really want to get a feeling for how well your site is doing in Google search results, the best approach is to register it with Google Webmaster Tools. That at least will give you an average figure, based on the searches that were actually performed over a given period. But that won’t necessarily match the searches being performed by your target market.

I would also question the choice of keywords that you have chosen to target. Do you really think your potential customers are going to search for “Award winning web design company”? The phrase “award winning” is particularly meaningless. Better to optimise for the geographical location that you serve, or for any specialised services that you offer.


MHO, If you are truly concerned you should put more effort into your site’s on page optimization.
Sure, it may look cutting-edge fantastic for those with javascript, but will Google and other search engines see it?
Learn how to work with the search engines.