Best Tool or Softwares to Check for website ranking for keyword?

What is the best softwares or tools to track what is the ranking of the website based on keyword? I have tried various free applications on google but each one gives different results.


Have you seen this thread, which covers pretty much that question.

“Cute Rank Checker” is good software for track your ranking information but when you send many search request automatically by software on google. Google will ban you IP for few hours.

Hi,webceo software is the the best software for keyword rank checking.You just search in google and download it.


i use the firefox plug-in namely pagerank checker to update the ranking of any specific keywords:
which is free to download from firefox!

The Seomoz Rank checker(Paid) and SeoBook’s Ran checker(Free) both are much functional and accurate! One thing which i would like to notify you is that rankings change by the locations wise, hence if you want most accurate rank checking you should do it manually for your keywords by logging into your browser-Chrome’s Incognito mode and then with your desired city’s location settings for the SERP! thanks! & rankchecker are the best tool for checking PR.

I’m using SEOmoz. It’s expensive but worth the investment.

Web CEO one of the great tool to check keyword ranking against google, yahoo! and bing etc… Also you can check including country wise if using paid version.

I was mainly using seobook rank checker which was showing correct results but now days it is not showing correctly. But you can try this, need firefox as it is plugin of firefox. You have get it from SEObook website.

SERPAnalytics is a good tool if you are looking for keyword ranking and suggestions , it gives you the daily dynamics for your keywords which helps you analyzing which keyword is performing on daily basis. It’s paid tool but its worth.

There are a lot of keyword ranking checkers available online, such as SEOMOZ’s keyword ranking checker, cute rank checker, etc. But I would recommend checking the keyword ranking manually, as its the best and accurate method of getting rankings.

I figured that the different tools would give different results. I’m still wondering what reference point they’re using for their US ranks. If I’m going to check the rank using Google’s no country redirect search engine, the results will be different from the US results page. Anyway, to answer your question, I use some free tools like SEO Centro’s Rank checker, but most of the time, I check a site’s rank manually.

I use Free monitor for Google, it’s good

There is no such tool available online which show you accurate ranking of your keyword. Different tools shows the different results. So I think we have to check the SERP of our website manually.