Keyword Ranking Best Tool?


I would like to know which is the best tool for checking the keyword ranking in Google and other search engines.


I prefer to check manually. I was using rank checker tool from
here is the url of tool:- download it and use it.

Hi austinparker

I am also using the same tool, will it give the correct ranking.


I prefer checking manually in Google as it is accurate all the time. It is my experience that tools don’t show results accurate all time.

You can also use to find keyword ranking.

you can try google adwords external


I have used the tool from with name rank checker but I am not satisfied with it, so I suggest you to check keyword ranking manually. it’s free and the best by far.

its good

Hello All,

While trying to optimize my web site for certain keywords, I can see the need for some tool that would capture the ranking of my web site pages for these specific keywords, on a regular basis.

I use the AdWord Keyword tool and my own software to analyse it:

I believed there are a lot keyword tools around, that you can find in the Internet.

Increasing your page rank is always our primary objectives. Keyword is the key to increase your page rank. What is it you are using right now?..and why?

Amazing to see that nobody has mentioned WordTracker - the master keyword tracking tool.

They’ve limited # of daily free searches to 20, and it sucks, but you can always register for free using 4-5 different email IDs and perform 100+ searches daily, which should be enough :slight_smile:

It’s an online tool, so you don’t need to download it -

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool is best suited for finding right keywords for a website … the statistics provided by the tool about keywords is much more appropriate among other tools … :slight_smile:

I prefer wordtracker and google adwords keyword tool are best…

And, for those of you who don’t know a little secret, SEOBook populates data from WordTracker, Google keyword tool, as well as Google smart suggestions, and presents them together - nothing else!

Use Google Insights to find hot topics and rising searches, use wordtracker to find long tail keywords, and then SEObook/Adwords to check the competition and search volume :slight_smile:

I don’t know about other tools but for me Google adwords is best for keyword tracking.

Most certainly, especially after the recent update, google keyword tool has been the most effective keyword tracking tool…

After all, it makes more sense to try what google endorses, to be able to grab the top spot in google search results, isn’t it?

But, i must say WordTracker had given amazing results during 2010, though now i don’t find it that useful anymore… And, SeoBook just pulls out all results from Google and wordtracker!