Keyword Ranking Tool

Hello All,

I know simliar threads has been written before but I havne’t found any useful tool yet. most tools I searched and tried only search in top 100, as I am looking to find actual ranking.

I also know, checking keyword ranking manually, is the right approach but as it is time consuming, my approach is that I let the tool find the rank and then check it manually.

Please suggest any good tool either paid/free which will find the actual ranking of a keyword even if not in top 100.


Try Traffic Travis, paid version can help you on that.

Keyword Ranking Tool is that which gives rank to the keywords & it is important also.By this there will impact on the sites rank.

Manually checking of ranking of keywords is best. Keywords ranking tools are not accurate.

You should check manually, don’t pay for something you can do yourself - as time consuming as it is, just get it over and done with if you want the most accurate results. If you don’t want to do it manually, use the Traffic Travis paid version.

You can use also it is a good keyword ranking checker tool.

You can use AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) or RankChecker.

you can use google adward tools to find most powerful keyward. Best of luck

Software and tools has limited functionality so if you want better result, its better to find manual ranking.

This is exactly the kind of response that was needed, and put into much better words. Manual ranking is definitely the way to go if you want accurate results.

If you dont have enough time for checking rankings, i would like to suggest that, outsource this work to some one, this is time consuming work, but not much costly. Here you can save time as well, you’ll get manual search result for all of your keywords.

Tools will not be accurate for checking. It’s just waste of money.


i think manual search can be tricky too, because when returning results, search engines look at your ip address. so, if you are in USA and do rank tracking in Google com for someone in Asia, results come from different data centers.

tools use the same principle (the ip of the computer where they are installed)

if you want to stick with manual search, you can try to customize location in browser. Google provides that with the custom location feature (you can see it on the left side of the results list in browser). you will see results are different in browser too :slight_smile:

Grease Monkey is the best keyword ranking tool.

is it the Mozilla extension? it does not look like a rank tracker to me … maybe i am missing something :slight_smile: