How to build SEO strategy with new Site about Digital Product

Hello guys,

I’m preparing content of my site, but I’m quite confused how to SEO it better, what if I only build backlink?

Thank for your recommend!

Hello Markco92, I’m Tuan and i’m Seoer; Have many things to do: build backlink, on page, offpage, interlink…

Welcome to the forums, @Markco92.

As you’re new to SEO, the best place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

I also suggest you have a look around the forums, as we have many threads on the subject. We have a couple of active discussions here:

SEO Techniques

How can i improve my off page SEO

I invite you to join in those discussions, if you have further questions, rather than duplicating things here in a new thread.