How do i get started with seo?

dear all I am just new in seo field so that i want to gather all the experience that you have ,which could be help me to start on page and off page tutorials.

Please suggest me how to start on page and off page tutorials and what will my next step to prepare it …

Seo is a serious and huge matter.
On page seo is all about your site. How it look like, modified its content and source page. and lots more.
Off page seo is promoting your business.
both are related.
Anyway my question is what you want to know, be specific about your question.


As mentioned above;

On Page is all what you don on your page, and you need to:

1-Create Unique content for your site based on very competition keywords
2- work one tags ans meta tags as well and all that is based on the keywords that you picked
3- your site must gets well done design and easy to navigate
4- have very good admin pages

According to Off Pages:

it is all about the generate Traffic fro other sites like:

1- Create some quality back links from No-follow forums
2- Create some quality back links from Do-follow forums
3- Submit your site to plenty of quality of social bookmarking sites
4- Get traffic fro social media site like; Facebook, twitter, linkedin …etc

If you follow these tips then absolutely you will get very good rank with SEO

If I have your E-mail i would send to you Free guide of SEO !!

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SEO is a Long term process where patience is required to achieve your Goal. Nowadays you need to be Social too to get better SEO Result as Search engines are checking Link Popularity in the Social media sites.

Read our FAQ to get yourself started:

There’s plenty to read online, so do some homework and come back if you have a specific question.

hi huntsman,
my question was that …the off page syllabus & productive sites url and the on page syllabus & productive sites url to became a good SEO worker or Analytices .

In regards to your question, here below are a couple of free online tutorial sites and pdf files that I have used in the past that I felt was quite helpful in gaining more experience.

Here below is a 10 minute video tutorial from GoogleWebmasterHelp with regards to Seo startup index=81

Here below is a very relevant and up to date site that provides an intro on seo with off page and on-page info that is translated in an easy to understand manner.

Here below is a very well put together pdf info graphic that I still use near my desk. It really is an excellent visual tutorial aide.

Try to read trusted SEO blogs like . You’ll learn a lot by reading blogs about SEO . Hope it helps

Seo it’s an learning stuff and more testing need to be done which divide into two factors onpage and offpage optimization

Onpage Optimization:

Title Tag
Meta desc
Meta tag
Alt tag
keyword research
Content Optimization
Url Slug etc

Off Page:

Oneway link Building
blog comments
forum participartion
guest post
bookmarking etc

So many things out there be sure to implement step by step process so easily you can come on it

If you are beginner to SEO then it is best for you to start from the off page SEO which is all about linkbuilding through forum postings, blog commenting, social bookmarking, article and blog submission etc. On page optimization includes meta keywords, description, alt attributes for images and heading tags which require some technical skills. So my suggestion for you is to start from off page SEO.


First you should study Google quality guide lines those are vary important for archive rankings

SEO is long procedure. First, you have to study about On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

In On-Page, You have to work online. Its like Content Optimization, Meta Tags, Header Optimization, Internal Linking, Image Optimization, XML Sitemap, Canonical Issue.

In Off-Page, You have to work offline. Its like Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarkings, Article Marketing, Press Release Submissions, Google Local Listing, Guest Blogging, Forum Posting

See its better that you read stuff available on internet and can refer recent books. You cant be a good SEO in just few steps. In older days it was just about submissions but now with all changed algorithms you have to be perfect otherwise you wont handle updates. So study gradually for onpage and offpage work. Try to analyze different sites, gather information. Without the proper onpage setting all your offpage work will be a waste. So study and work accordingly.
All the best.

Basically, SEO is a strategy that can make your site increase rank to every search engines. For on-page, first to do is work on your website’s keywords and keep it simple. And for off-page, the basic is to work on your link building and learning the 3 kinds of links will definitely help you in starting.

On-page SEO techniques are

Keyword research
Quality content
H1 tags
Keyword density
XML sitemap
Proper HTML and CSS
Meta description tags
ALT tags
URL structure

Off-page techniques are

Directory submission
Article creation and submission
Classified submission
Blog creation and submission
Press release submission
E-book creation and submission.