How to bring traffic to my site?

i have static site, no blog option available, its a health related website…i want to drag some traffic to my site…how could i do this…as i dont have any new content availble.

Does your site offer anything useful? If so, tell people about it, in any legitimate way you can. Post on Twitter, Facebook, become involved in conversations and offer something useful. Don’t ‘drag’ traffic, encourage it.

there are two primary ways to get traffic for any website. One is paid campaign, which includes CPC, CPM and paid banners (for instant result) and another is organic campaign, Which includes SEO (for long term result but it’s time consuming)

Without content, it would be highly difficult to attract new visitors. For the visitors to come to site, they should get something worthwhile from your site; else it is waste of time for the visitor.

Have you done basic off page SEO? You need to go through a punch list of things to get your site ranked. It’s not too difficult, just time consuming. The first thing I usually do among many others is go to and submit my website manually to each social bookmark. This gives you a big boost. Next, I start building backlinks manually to promote my webpage. You can also go to Fiverr and just buy a backlink package for 5 bucks. I would recommend a package that sells 6-8 high PR backlinks. That will get you ranked quickly and you will see your sight will slowly rise in Google. You need to pick 1-3 keywords to focus on and rank for in search engines. Backlinks are going to be your best friend, especially when you don’t have fresh content. Google likes fresh content, so without it you need to build links. There are many other ways to drive traffic such as article marketing, and purchasing ads, but link building is easy and works well.

Good Luck!

yeah i have a website of a health clinic…which they perform different hormonal therapies…the thing google is not helping in ranking my health keywords…i did my On-Page. Engaging social media too…What do you say about Facebook Ads…should i go for it.


A few tips for driving traffic,
-Use the power of blogging
-Share your content on social bookmarking sites
-Promote your website on social networking websites
-Video marketing
-Forum posting and community building
All of the above are very time consuming but you can use ‘Keyword Country’ as it helps in saving huge time.

If you have a static site, then off-page SEO is your best chance of getting Google to pay attention. Organic SEO is time-consuming to I get someone to do them for me. You can get fantastic deals at Fiverr. I had one guy bookmark links for me for just $5. A task that would have normally taken me half a day to complete (since I’m as slow as a snail).

  • Use a Keyword Rich Title
  • Use the Title Tag Correctly
  • Focus Your Content
  • Use Text Links
  • Include a Resource Page of Links
  • Use Google Docs

How does that help? Any source for that, or are you just saying?

ooh this is not so easy. first need GOOD ARTICLE in your site. Then promote your site by backlink building by commenting in blog, in facebook, twitter, linkedin,yahoo360 etc. and by some software like senuke,sick-submitter etc.
however if you want <snip>link deleted</snip>here

Social networking sites are very helpful in generating traffic to your site like Facebook, twitter, linked In, now a days Google plus is a popular methodology for getting traffic. Do bookmark to top class bookmarking sites. Post articles in top article sites which accept only unique article, do press release to top press release sites. Forum, social profiles, classifieds and banner advertising are also helpful.

thanks everyone for answering my query…i am doing off page seo but not getting increase in traffic.

I’ve worked with sites in the medical field, and quite often it’s one of those types of sites that social media doesn’t lend itself to that well, in the same way that legal websites often struggle to sell products through leveraging social media (“Woo! I just bought my Divorce Papers through!”).

If I were you I’d focus on building some links, possibly by checking out your competitors and seeing what they’ve done to get their good links. You may find a specific area that your competitors haven’t fully exploited that you can utilise to build links and gather traffic.

i belive a great way to bring traffics is to get a link from blogs. Everyone can easily put your link to their blog if you ask to exchange link. so go for it

this would be a good idea exploring competitors presence and exploit the areas where i can get more and more traffic.

Better SEO strategy will definitely let you have more traffic on to your website. perform social bookmarking, blog and article posting, feed submission and blog commenting. It will surely bring your website’s rating to a higher level.

it is clear that you have completed your site and all work has been done at on page optimization now the 2nd phase come which is continuous.
use these techniques to get the huge traffic and high in PR.

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking Submission
Blog Posting
Blog Hosting
Article Submission
Press Release Submission
Forum Posting
Footer Links
Affiliate Marketing
Blog Commenting
Rss Feed Submission
Css Submission
Video Submission
Profile Creation
Link Wheel
Social Media Optimization

Above replies almost include all metods to drive the traffic. What we need is insisting on doing it and improving continuously.

Always try to do work on Do Follow websites. Social book marking and forum posting include signature in do follow website is best SEO technique to build good back links, improve page ranking in search engine and boost traffic your website. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter too have important role to get back links, gain page ranking and huge traffic on your website.