How to avoid being spammed in forums

many times, we get the message at forums and q/A portal for being banned due to spam activities. I too have come across this situation. My question is how to avoid this situation while doing seo?

Dropping your links in forums will do you no good at all in terms of SEO. You might as well drop litter with your URL written on it for all the attention Google will pay.

Because forums and Q&A portals are exactly that. Forums for discussion are for people to discuss problems, theories and solutions - not for SEO’ing your clients whilst attempting to stay relevant to the forum.
If you come to this forum and post some random question followed by a link drop for your client then you WILL get banned. This really goes for all forums, we dont want the threads to be SEO targets - we want discussion!

Also as a MAJOR point to make is that this forum is NO FOLLOW as are many others so the effect of SEO’ing in here is minimal and will result in your account being suspended.
(I am not saying that that is what you are doing, just giving an example!)

In regards to your question, the answer is very simple, if a person makes an attempt to post sincere comments that has a purpose to help the Sitepoint community and assist the op’s question, they will have nothing to worry about. But if a certain person has a personal agenda and looking to accomplish something that is in no way in harmony or helpful with the opening thread then they are on a path to a “slippery slope”.
The purpose of this forum is to help others in the community, that’s why it’s called Sitepoint and not Linkpoint.

LOL, just don’t be too obvious, like for example:
starting post just to stuff it with domain of your site and question you would
get answer by Googling, instantly will make you a troll or a spammer or both.

On another hand if you have free valuable resource and you let people to know
where they can find it, will make you a “hero”.


Quite simple - post useful answers to the questions asked in the forum and include a link to your relevant site in your signature. Some of those people you provide answers to will be interested enough to click on the link and go to your site to find out more about the person who helped them.

Forum posting has nothing to do with SEO since the search engines completely ignore all the links in the forums. The purpose in making forum posts is to help out those asking the sorts of questions that your site answers. It is the people who get helpful answers from you and follow the link in your signature who become extra visitors to your site without search engines being involved at all.

Forum is the place where people discussion there problem and find solution. Forum is not for SEO. when you post random post and put your url it gose banned because all forums don’t want thread which target for seo.


Off Topic:

This is a great sentence… I think I will add it to my signature

Not sure that I fully agree with this… I certainly don’t agree with “don’t be too obvious”

But then, I’m a moderator so my position is… don’t do it!!

It simply gives me so much work! and yes, I will remove anything that I think that it is spam (and sometimes what it looks like it :p)

The best method to avoid the spam give the answer only those question whose answer you know. Don’t just copy from any other resources. and follow the rule of forum because every forum have their circumstances so just follow their rule.You will never get spam

Yes it is moderator who plays a vital role to spam the threads posted.One thing I don’t understand is why they will spam a post if the reply is not related to thread. I am giving one example which my friend shared with me.

Eg: Thread:What pc game you like most?
Post:Solitaire.But mostly I wont like to play pc games.

What wrong is there in the above post?They banned her after that post.

Not much wrong with that response kushy, chances are that she might have had other threads/responses/adverts in other posts.
Maybe fluff and garbage posts etc?

As @spikeZ; said, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with that post… but it is possible that your friend didn’t take the time to read the rules of that particular forum and did something that was not allowed such as adding links instead of a signature. And maybe she did it more than once.

So the post was OK but the links may not have been OK.

Each forum has its own particularities.