How to get rid of forum spamming?

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me that how can I avoid from banning on a forum. It means what are the useful tips to safe from banning on a forum. Waiting for reply.

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start by not posting links

EXACTLY, apparently your post was edited by a moderator because you tried to defy the rules and post a link completely against the 90 day rule.

If you are really serious about using forums for marketing, the first thing you need to do is READ and FOLLOW the rules. Then participate by sharing information and asking questions that will incite a good conversation from other forum members.

Why? You seem to have been banned from a lot of them! You are the sort of person that is not wanted on forums.

It’s important you post something unique. Don’t repeat what others have posted and post something relevant.

If you drop links on every posts then yes, you will get banned from every single forum you register to.

just be patient, make a good repute among forum community and then let them know gracefully about your product or services by sharing links with them or posting with your signature.

Might be an idea to check the forum rules before leaping in. Generally sig links are okay, unless you hit one of those anal sites, but dropping links in your posts to commercial sites is a fast way to getting banned.

Never spam. If you do join the forum discussion and post valuable posts, you won’t get banned.

Come to forums with a different mindset. Come in to help and contribute and not promote.

It’s too late - check out the status of the OP.

I have a zero tolerance policy on the forum that supports our site. I am so fed up with constant spamming that now every application to join is moderated and unless I recognise the email address or have invited the person personally thats it no show.

It is truly sad that things have got to this level.

oh, i don’t know, i kind of see an advantage

the internet is being divided into two areas, the serious/legitimate and the crap/spam

just like email, where we don’t even bother looking at the crap, we just filter it out with spam detection

if people want to post their crap links on a hunnert directories and blogs, and they get their crap accepted on some and rejected on others, that simply means that the crap websites and blogs will get crappier and the serious/legitimate will stay clean

that’s actually the way i’d prefer to have it


Checkout the spam issue my friend is having with his forum. Unfortunately all the spam comments show up on the homepage because they use the most recent post on the homepage.

Read forum rules carefully before any posting, start from intro yourself and than go through other posts. Make your own postings contains unique discussion matter, please keep in mind the topic of the post and than write your post relavant to the topic when you post reply in some other’s post. Avoid to use other website links between the post, use hyperlinks in your signature section only.

Best of luck!