How many money my blog worth?

I have this blog: AutoShortNews (find it on google)

I want to sell it at a good price and i need some advice.

Domain name = Not particularly good
Content = Scraped from other sites
Design = Free theme

XX, maybe low XXX from a rookie buyer who doesn’t know any better.

It’s an autoblog (in more ways that one).

What makes it worth a good price?

It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. To me, it’s not worth anything (I’m not interested in automotive stuff, nor am I in the market to buy a blog)

However if it has a substantial amount of traffic, makes a lot of money, or has unique content (doesn’t look like the last one’s gonna work out) then someone may be interested in buying it.

You can Google “Website Valuation” and you’ll come up with tons of websites and services that will give you an estimation based on Alexa rankings and perceived domain value. Thought they’re pretty much crap, they’ll give you a good starting point…

If your blog is making money, you can go with the old 1-3 times annual profits (notice, not revenues) but even that’s not a standard. It really just depends.

The domain name, the content, design.

My first objective is to sell it… what you think is the correct price?

I would say no more than $100. Maybe not even $50. I just don’t see anything unique about it that makes the domain, content or design worth a whole lot.