Do I need To Sell This For $300

I have a new domain, and i have register in 5 month ago, and it is over than 200 article about finance in this domain. I have an offer from someone who want to buy this domain for $300, my question is do i need to sell this domain for this price? what i have to do with this content?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Do you want to sell it? Then sell it.
If you don’t want to sell it, then don’t sell it.

Are you asking if that is a fair price? If so, it is impossible to know from the info you provided.

Are they 200 original articles? If so, forget selling the website for that price. Would you really sell 200 original articles for $300? Is your time really worth that little?

I agree with corbyboy … $300 for 200 unique articles seems pretty cheap.

It depends on how much the site is generating on a monthly and yearly basis which accounts -
A. Ad sense Earnings
B. Text Advertisements
C. Any other Income made from the site.

Other factors that help you decide your site worth are -

A. Traffic ( organic or paid? )
B. Are the Articles Original or Copied and the Amount of content.
C. Age of the Domain & Site
D. Relatedness of the Domain with the content.
E. Number of Links Outbound and Inbound.
F. Pages Indexed.
H. Domain and Hosting Renewal Dates…

Make a not of all these points, write down the exact numbers and deciding whether $300 is genuine or not will be easy for you, I bet.

Good post, seogirl.

knowing25, I had a quick look at the site. What you have on the homepage doesn’t seem to be articles about finance. They seem to all be sponsored posts. It’s not the same thing. A sponsored post is basically just an advert. If they are all sponsored posts rather than proper articles it will severely devalue the site in most buyers’ eyes.

  1. You can sell for whatever you want (that someone else is will to pay you of course).
  2. The content is garbage, it’s obviously spun content that makes little to no (mostly no) sense in English so I would just throw it away. Seriously, do you think the paragraph below makes any sense at all?

Behind you be deficient in economic advantage, it may well subsist a threatening component looking in the region of intended for fundraiser. Everyone has a sure fees of pride in addition to receiving financial profit can shatter with the purpose of pride. Then again you bolt to facilitate solicit physically seeing that comes foremost: your folks’s assurance or else your pride? But for you opt with the end of hoard your kin favored relieve plus crop on your diagram, you may perhaps get yourself having to request intended for advantage.

Take what you can get and run.