Please help in rough estimation of my website value

Hello friends, I am planning to sell my website. Can anyone please tell me for how much can i sell my website or what is the best price of my website

Website- Medicinelogy(dot)com

Page Rank- 2

You can’t put a value on a website just by looking at it.

What about your website is valuable?

Does it have income?

Does it have original content that would be hard to reproduce?

At first glance it looks like a blog template with a broken design filled with free-to-reprint articles, which has no value at all.

Hello all my articles are original and are seo written. All my webpages are indexed in google.

I have written more than 100 articles on our blog. It is a wordpress blog.

I use to get more than 100 visitors per day but now due to some reason i am getting around 30 visitors per day however by good link building we can cross more than 1000 visitors as all my articles are seo written.

Earlier i use to earn 40$ per month but now my earnings have gone down badly as i am not promoting it. Still I earn more than 50$ per month by selling text links.

Is there anything else you would like to know

You’ve clearly copied parts of others’ articles to write yours, then, as when I search for entire sentences from your articles I find them on 10+ other websites.

It’s not worth anything. Hundreds of thousands of pages of rewritten/“article spinner” stuff is created every day. Sorry but this creates no value for any buyer, it is not something to pay for.

Sir can you estimate the price now…?

Whomsoever you are don’t be over confident… Mine is a blog not a website and it is health related… and whereever you go in whatever country… the study of MBBS remains same… they teach you about the same diseases and symptoms and my website is about it… and moreover if you search for a keyword called cancer you will get lacs of results in google and in every website there will be same content…

So please mind it and think before you answer others… Still i can understand you have no knowledge about medical issues… this might be the case you have given wrong replies…

and one more thing i already got offer of 1200$ but i was willing to know if i can get beyond it…

Any other person help is most welcoming…

Your blog is worth approximately $0. It is very easy to tell if content was copied or not, and I notice that you don’t dispute this fact. Also, a website isn’t worth any more because it is a blog. I don’t know much about medical issues, but I know a junky site and a clueless owner when I see one.

If someone really did offer you $1200, take the money before they wise up and change their mind.