Selling my domain

Simply, I’ve had enough of blogging about Japan, I find posting pictures on the internet a pain and I’m just over it. So I’d like to sell my domain. as a PR3 domain.

A would anyone want it?
B what is it worth?


The policy you agreed to when you signed up with blogger prohibits you from selling the blog:

You can sell your domain but I doubt that’d be worth much at all without the blog.

Yep, I thought I was pretty clear that I wanted to sell the domain. :rolleyes:

Any idea on price / interest?

I was just making sure you know that you can’t sell your blog :eek:, because without it your site is pretty much useless to a buyer. Any traffic you had coming to your site was based on your blog, so no blog, no value. And your domain name isn’t worth much anyways.

There is no such thing as a PR3 domain - pages have page rank not sites or domains.

And asking for appraisals is against forum policy.