How it will be if i hire people to create Quality backlinks?

As i don’t have any interest in creating backlinks and at the same time backlinks are important for websites. I’m thinking to hire someone to create backlinks for my website on daily basis.

Is it good? what you guys will suggest?

Backlinks you create yourself are pretty much worthless as far as SEO is concerned, so why pay someone to create worthless backlinks?


Why would you even be considering such a move? In a recent topic, you were warned that creating unnatural links might have been responsible for a drop in your site’s ranking, so why would you risk using the same strategy again?

Please read regarding link schemes. It is very clear.


I will set some rule for that. Like backlinks should be good website whose DA is more than 20.
Is this good? Will Work?

No, it’s not good. Did you read the link I just gave you (and which I have given you before)?

“Any behavior that manipulates links to your site” means creating links -any links - with the intention of improving your ranking, which is exactly what you are proposing here.

Bing is equally clear about such tactics:


Thank you so much for your brief explanation

As you were told it’s a blackhat method that can lead to penalties. Having said that, many people are doing it and if you do it in a smart way it can defiantly help.

Please consider doing your own Backlinks

I do this for (30 days) then I stop

  1. Post blog comments on high traffic sites that accept commentluv

  2. Guest post on 3 to 5 high traffic blogs

  3. Create 4 or 5 videos for my site

  4. Get 5 to 10 images for my site

  5. Set up ifftt (if this then that) recipes for traffic and Backlinks

  6. Write long articles. 3000plus words

Important. I have these pointing to the page I want to rank. Keyword research is critical

After 3 to 5 months I rank on page 1.

Trust me. I use to order lots of Backlinks. It’s better to create yourself. Longtail will rank really well with these techniques.

After 30 days you are done

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