Automated backlinking system?

Was on another board and a guy was hawking an “automated backlinking system” which appears to be some software program that somehow sets up back links to your website.

Wouldn’t this be something the engines would frown upon as trying to game their system, causing your site to be kicked out of their listings at some point?

Just curious what the resident SEO experts take on this is…

Yes, I think that’s likely. They probably wouldn’t kick you out completely, but they would certainly downgrade your ranking.

But it’s not just a question of search engines. Any artificial promotion of this kind is a poor substitute for developing a high-quality site and getting real links from other high-quality sites. I would advise anyone who cares about their site to keep clear of it.


Well, then I guess it boils down to NOT hiring any SEO guys cause they appear to be selling a scam!

Like with every industry there are professionals who provide value and there are people who either don’t know or don’t care to give you the right advice. If someone is promising the world, chances are they fall into the second bucket. Of course if you expect amazing, quick success and bank your entire marketing strategy on search, you’re setting yourself up to make bad decisions.

A more accurate description of that would be “automated spamming system”. There is absolutely no way that you can have a system that sets up links to your site automatically that isn’t either (a) a link farm, or (b) spamming forums, blogs and other comments pages. Neither of those are going to do you any good.

It is only a good short term solution, usually bites you back in the ass long term.

Yes it will definitely hamper the websites for which your acquaintance has installed some software. It is not valid and is against the policies of search engines. One can never gain any long term profits from it making it of no use for future.

Ah, so some SEO guys like to use this to make a quick buck…

He’s no acquaintance of mine… I just saw him trying to sell his services on this marketing board where folk be tryin to learn 'bout all kinds of marketing and SEO is also covered there.

No, I don’t dip or chew or hang out with those that do shoddy SEO services :lol:

Automatic backlinking system can create backlinks.But they are mostly from Google page rank zero sites which will eventually downgrade your site performance in search results.Moreover those backlinks created by the system will take years to get indexed by google.Most of them will get deleted before getting indexed.Most of the automated seo tools are neither good or bad.It will not help you and also not harm you.If it is free give a try otherwise leave it.

What’s the upside of this?

Not having to pay to have my site do WORSE in the engines… Priceless!

Surely you did not mean to say to go ahead and give this a try, did you???
I mean, if it’s going to hurt rankings, then staying away from this is the thing to do, right?

I actually meant it will not have any effect at all.I have used many a sort of those so called automated tools.Anyways my advice is to stay away from them.Best way to create backlinks is to do it manually.Search for a good list and target one at a time.Forums are a good place to start.Don’t just create a profile and leave the forum.Try to interact daily.Choose forums which interest you as well,don’t register just for the sake of backlinks.Handwork pays off.

It sounds like it’ll do more than simply “having no effect”…sounds like it will HURT your website rankings…

Let’s agree that it’s more likely to hurt your rankings than to help them.


I agree…but the other guy was implying that is may just have no effect and may not actually hurt anything, just no effect.

Seems like the engines would recognize this as attempting to game the system and would put bad marks against your site, or whatever it is they do in their system to trend your site downward in their ranking algorithm