Best way to get backlinks

I’m trying my best to get backlinks and am not succeeding. A lot of people have told me pay for it. Are there any other options? Suggestions would be welcome.

A lot of people give bad advice, unfortunately. Buying or selling backlinks is one of the things specifically listed by Google as against their TOS and liable to incur a penalty.

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The content of your site is far more important in terms of SEO than links, especially links which you create yourself. Links you earn, by having high-quality content others choose to link to are the only ones of any real benefit.


Just to be clear, it’s not only Google that bans the buying of links:


You want to not “buy links” but you should consider paying for advertisements that will show in relevant SERPs (i.e. instead of trying to game the system, work with the system)


SEO Off page is a Best way to get backlinks.

Content posting
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Question answering
PPT sharing
Info-grpahics submission
Guest posting
Business Listing


I believe that the best way is guest posting.
You have to contact webmasters and make a deal about your article or link to be placed on that website.
Make sure it’s your niche related.


Thank you. This is the answer I been looking for, advice!! I will do my homework and do as you suggest.

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Also keep in mind this: Great content attracts links.


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Google like backlink Organic or Link Quality, Don’t build Link Spam :wink:

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Best links are dofollow ones from blogs from reliable resources with good metrics. Directory submission is also great to make backlinks diluted and variable.

You can just google the server for looking for competitors for the site with similar thematics. I am actually pretty new in that. But I know there are some free backlink checkers. Just find the most useful for yourself.