Is article writing so hard?

I’m trying to write some articles and I’m trying real hard but I’m never happy with the end result so I like to know if it is so hard to write an article or it is me? Is any one can give me any useful tips? Thanks

Actually yes and no. Yes if you don’t know even a bit about the thing that you are writing about. So before writing articles, it would be a good idea to learn more about the topic.

I keep telling my writers that for our company blog (make a list). They’re insurance agents so asking them to actually write something can be a bit of a bear. I’ve literally had “blogs” turned in on the cardboard section of a notepad that I had to retype. :lol:

Topics like “6 things you didn’t know about x” or “how to write a y” tend to do really well in both search and to a targeted audience that you can hit in a newsletter or on twitter. They’re also link bait as you say something at the end about, “… and for more information on this click here” that you can redirect to your site or to your category slug.

Self censorship is so crippling for creativity. If you harshly self appraise your output you will almost certainly be putting red lines through all of you work.

Try to ease out of the negative self talk and just write in a relaxed manner so you can massage out your own writing style. You may be surprised once you give yourself a less pressured environment that you actually do produce some worthwhile work.

Good Luck…

I think no list of suggestions for this concern could be complete without this one:
Get a hold of E.B. White’s classic essay, “The Elements of Style.” It remains one of the shortest, simplest, and most “right on” tutorials for effective writing. Any local librarian would be happy to guide you to a copy of it.

What is it that you don’t like about your articles?

Is it the vocabulary, the continuity, or something else. Why not post something you have written in the reviews forum and get help there?

I’ve been a blogger and actually before that, I never wanted to write. So it’s quite hard for me back then. However, since I need to learn how to writer good articles, I made myself busy reading other peoples post and spent more time visiting article sites just to get familiarized on how to write articles.

In the end, it will be fun. And knowing that people enjoys reading your work, it will drive you to write much better articles / post for the next post :slight_smile: <snip/>

Oh, it’s been mentioned numerous times, although not quite so bluntly. You just haven’t read through enough threads.

However, there are a lot of SitePoint members for whom English is a second language. They can probably write just fine in their home language, but English is a very difficult language to master.

Um, CafeCupid, first join an English class so you can write. Period.

I’m amazed…all the threads I see on this subject yet not one poster mentions this.

FIRST learn how to write better than a ten-year-old.

One tip my writing teacher told me was to write like you were speaking to somebody. If you were writing an article, make sure that you read first then write the article as if somebody’s there in front of you and that somebody is really interested in what you have to talk about.

Read everything: novels, trash, tabloids, science, magazines. In other words, get out of the narrowness of “copywriting” and see how writers actually write.

Secondly, practice. It may sound simplistic, but no one ever got good at any talent without practicing it.

Thanks a lot guys. I just sign me in for the article writing lessons. It starts on November. I will keep you all updated about.

For a newbie, article writing would surely be a daunting task. Try to visualise an article like a composition, but without the formalities. Try to personalize it as much as possible.

If you get stuck some where you can always search for more articles related to the niche and get a few ideas which you can pen in your own words.

If only there were a forum with articles you could read.

I like the tip provided by GreenMeadowed - write like you are talking to someone. Most of the articles I write can have the friendly conversational tone, so this approach does help me.

It is also a good idea to keep writing. You said that you are unhappy with some of the articles you have done so far. Try printing them, reading them, and make notes on the page. What didn’t you like? Was there anything else you should have included? Can you reword something to make it sound better?

If you want to do your own writing instead of hiring someone, I recommend lots of practice and trial and error. At some point, you will find what works best for you in terms of creating an article, your writing style, and so forth. I believe that practice makes perfect.

Good luck!

I agree. Having seen some of the trash that’s served up on some article directory sites, anyone who’s even semi-literate will start to feel better about their own writing.

Hi CafeCupid,

Many great advices above.

Really … writing an article can be a difficult … and easy task, at the same time.:wink:

Difficult, because you…

  • may have a ‘writers block’ - you don’t know what to write at all

  • don’t know how to pass your message to the reader effectively

  • have an idea but you aren’t able to write a compelling headline… etc.

Not everyone is born with writer’s talent, but someone can become a writer with learning. It’ll take some time and effort.

Solution may be the reading. If you are intent on becoming a writer, reading is one of the best things you can do. Make sure you are in an environment where you can think. Distractions result in taking 2 hours to write one sentence. Also keep a pen and paper near where you can jot down ideas.

You need to read anything that will get you thinking. Read a biography on your favorite authors. Their ideas on writing can inspire you. This is your research time. Without research you aren’t able to write quality article. (The majority of my writing work consists of researching).

Watch what you read, how it is structured. Make notices. Your notice will be the ground of an outline of your new article.

Practice make masters. Write a lot. It can be as simple as a story about your favorite toy… or a film you saw yesterday… a poem about a dog… or something that you saw in the shop window this morning… or how your car got a blow-out. Write… as it comes into your mind. Write… as you talk with your friend.

You already have idea and know how to start. From now it usually comes naturally and your writing starts to flow. Understand the topic or situation to avoid useless and unnecessary writing. Think about how you are going to start and end, then decide what comes in the middle.

As you become more comfortable with writing you should try to write something creative for an hour everyday. Motivate and reward yourself with something if you are able to achieve your daily goal. Be excited. If you aren’t happy about writing, then how are you ever going to do it well?:slight_smile:

After a time you may recognize that there is a talent at hand and practice writing. Writing can be done at any time, can start as a hobby or interest that doesn’t cost any money and can be made into a career if the talent and ability is there.

If you do not feel the writer’s talent, after some practice, then you need to deal with something else. Get someone else to write for you. It may be better for everyone.

All the best,


The intentions of the article has a lot to do with it’s ability to push readers from the article to your site. I’ve found that ‘How-to’ and ‘Lists’ have the best CTR.

@GreenMeadowed. You’re right, I agree with you. First you should read and then write, rather than, doing both the things together, since it’ll result as copy paste, though you have not done that.

Ty Krenerr, I’m doing that all the time but the things are just not coming out like I want it. I think I will take the Shyflower’s advice and post some of my articles to the reviews forum. Thank a lot for the quick responses.