How I can Improve my sites visibility & Hits?

We have a company through which we are selling laptop accessory, desktop accessory, laptop and desktop servicing. So we developed a HTML site <snip/>. Now after 5 months we make want to make this site come in first page in Search Engine. What we should do ? As we are startups, we are targeting only Bangalore and surrounding area. So how to do location specific SEO ? Do we need to change any our content ? Also we need to use some key words such as ‘best laptop service center, best desktop service center, best laptop service center bangalore, best desktop service center in bangalore’. So how we should proceed ? We can’t buy SEO packages. But, if you suggest how to do it, we can assign our resource to that work.

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I think the best thing to do as it’s been discussed to no end here is search the forums, but your 1st port of call is to read the stickies at the top of this forum, there is a wealth of info there…

There is no easy answer.