Want to build e-commerce site to sell computer accessory and servicing

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We are building a e-commerce site, through which we are trying to sell laptop, desktop & its accessory, also services. As we are a startup, we in bootstrapping stage, can’t invest much in this stage. I am developer, i will do development related things. My friend will do supply and delivery. Our target market location for now is only Bangalore. Also we are running a small company in same field without e-commerce site. <snip/>

As we are bootstrap stage, we can not invest much at this time. So we have to utilize free SEO options, Free marketing options. So can you suggest us how we can active this ?

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Go to storecoach.com to learn everything you will need to know about ecommerce including how to do SEO. It is a totally free ecommerce training course and is more comprehensive than courses I have paid over $1,000 for. I have no affiliate relationship with them but they were extremely helpful in making me a full time living from ecommerce.

  1. upload to classified ad
  2. upload to china or other worldwide b2b market place such as alibaba & globalsources
  3. uplaod to site directory
  4. join various social medias such as facebook twitter photo album, video etc

finally when you sell the laptop, pls be 1000% take care of credit card or paypal fraud, mobile phone, laptop, and digital electoronics is one of the common online scammer places

Why don’t you try Mal’s ecommerce. free but being run by only one man.

Your biggest challenge is going to be getting visitors, and if you’re in the bootstrapping phase you’ll need to focus on in-house SEO and marketing. Here are a few sites I’ve learned a lot from, read on a regular basis and will help you generate traffic:

www.seomoz.org - The web’s best SEO community, IMHO
www.thinktraffic.com - Good blog on strategies for building traffic
www.quicksprout.com - Covers a lot of marketing and social media tips, written by Neil Patel founder of KISSMetrics
www.internetretailer.com - Tons of eCommerce articles, including an entire section on marketing techniques

Good luck!

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