Could any one please help me to improve my site visibility on internet

Hi To all,

Could any one please help me to improve my site visibility on internet.

I am present running 2 website one is for career and another one is for real estate listings. I am mainly targeting for Indian Clients. As I am new to SEO, Could any one please help me to find good free directory list and free article Submission Sites or Blogs?

Thank you for all in advance.

S. Prasanthan,

Well, that is kind of difficult to answer in a simple way. You are basically asking for someone to map out your marketing plan.

If you do a Google search within your niche you will find TONS of blogs, forums, directories and many more sites which can be your vehicles for your promotion. You certainly can not expect someone to do that work for you.

Finally, in order to succeed it is important to follow rules and regulations and NOT to post your signature until the trial period or initial period is due. The reason a lot of forums have a wait time of 90 days or 50 posts is to make steer spammers away.


Thank you for the reply, but I am not asking to do someone this job, I just need Free Good directories list, forums and blogs. Hope that someone already has that.

S. Prasanthan

The topic of such lists has been, and is being, discussed in other threads.

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