How does react js affect web dev?

Hi guys,
I gotta a qn, I want to host a website for my blog or portfolio with the usual javascript , HTML and CSS. However I came across react from I see it said to be a web hosting thing?(I am not sure hence I am asking). So how does react js come into play with the normal web development.

PS Im not sure where to post this so here I am…

I don’t know where you saw it was “a hosting thing”. Unless maybe it mentioned that some hosts may have it installed and provide it for their sites to use.

IMHO, the place to go for the straight info is the site itself.

Depending on how well you have a grasp of HTML, CSS and JavaScript it may be more of learning curve for you. But by all means give it a try if you’re interested in it. If it proves too much for you now, you can always go back to it later.

React is a frontend framework. It doesn’t have anything to do with your host.

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