Angular or React as my first JS framework?

My goal is to get a job in front end web development in ~ 6 months from now. Looking at the job posts in my local area for front end development, I noticed that React is barely present, while Angular is requested in almost all of them. I currently have a solid knowledge of javascript, html, and css that’s why now I consider learning a js framework.
Is it a mistake if I learn Angular now?Would I be better learning React or even Vue.js?(I heard it is pretty popular too)

Well if you in a market for a job now wouldn’t it make sense to learn Angular?

React is mostly just vanilla JavaScript. The things you’ll learn while building React applications, can be applied to just about any other JavaScript you write. Where as a lot of the things you’ll learn in Angular 1, can only be applied in Angular 1.

Both frameworks are great and it’s hard to place one above the other. There are comparisons all over the web.

Angular may be easier to get started but if you’re pretty comfortable with vanilla JS React offers a lot of flexibility and plays well with other libraries.

Angular is more HTML-centric and React is more JS-centric.

Do you have time to learn a bit about both and progress with the one that you like?

Good luck.

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