Nodejs vs Reactjs Which is best for web development?

Nodejs vs Reactjs Which is best for web development ?

Node is required for both of them. React is a framework for building a specific type of web application. Depending on your needs, you should start with Node, and only consider React when your needs dictate.


Node.js is a framework when you want to develop backend of website like an online streaming platform. React JS is good suited when you want to create frontend of website like dynamic inputs, buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Actually, node.js is a runtime environment not a framework – it runs your JS. React OTOH is a frontend library for applications that typically run in another environment, namely the browser. Node is not required to run a react application, but it’s generally being used for the build setup so that you can use non-standard features such as JSX and CSS imports in your JS. There is little to no node knowledge required though.

You can break it down like this:

Node - If I want to build a web server, chat program, etc. I’d look to node. Node would be in the BACKEND stack of my project. Node is built on Javascript.

React - Useful, but not needed for front end and helps with the view rendering and managing state (to a degree). This would be on the front end. React uses javascript.

So, I guess to best answer the “Nodejs vs Reactjs Which is best for web development” question, it depends BUT, learning VANILLA Javascript / Typescript is the first part of the journey. Once you have that, it no longer becomes an “or” question.


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