Started to learn ReactJS

I’ve started learning ReactJS and I really like this technology
and I’d like to find a person that can help me sometimes in some issues
that are connected with concepts or architecture or just discuss about
this technology. I hope somebody will react on my topic and I can write to him.
Also I’d be glad to get any info about places where I can find mentor.
Thank you all who reacted on this topic.

Sorry for my English it is not my native language.

Hi pe0n, welcome to the forums!

This is a public forum and you can post any question about any web tech here, but asking for members to engage in private discussions or mentorship is not what this forum is about.

We look forward to questions about ReactJS or any web tech you stumble on when you try out what you learn.

PS. Your English seems very good. :+1:

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You PMd me where you can find a mentor, but I prefer to tell what I can say in public for others to read if they would have the same need.

I don’t know where that could be but there are good places to look at, starting with the ReactJS site.

Where to find ReactJS communities:

Where to find other people interested in ReactJS:

Perhaps you’ve already checked out the ReactJS place, anyway I wish you’ll find what you need to go forward. :+1:

Looking forward to interesting code isues further on. :wink:


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