Facebook ADs vs Google Adwords

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you had experience with both Facebook ads and Google Adwords. Which ones tend to be better at generating buyers for your website based on your experience?

I never used facebook ads but a friend of mine did and he tells me facebook is way much better but i’m sure it varied from one site to another

Facebook ads are very different compared to Adwords. It really depends on what you’re advertising, only certain special type of sites work on Facebook. It’s mainly due to most users on Facebook being young, so you have to promote something catering to that crowd when advertising on Facebook.

facebook ads are cheaper than adwords

I have never used Facebook Ads, but I think Adwords are more effective than facebook ads.

i read that adwords is better.but i thinc the facebook is global more

it depends what you are trying to market. If you trying to sell some unique product about women please go for Facebook ad. If you are planning to sell any services or products in industrial leve please go for google ads.

Social media is growing progressivly. So Adsense will be replaced very soon. But not yet. It is uncompetable now! :x

And your infinite knowledge in what makes you claim this? Being that you yourself admit you’ve never used Facebook Ads…

While both can be pay per click campaigns, it’s apples and oranges for many reasons.

First you have to consider the audience. With AdWords you are targeting searches which is an action… I am looking for X and thus you are a potential solution. As a result AdWords offers a great chance to convert to a purchase but has a limited population and fierce option competition from both other vendors and the user themselves.

With Facebook you are reaching demographics and have no idea if they are actively considering an action or the category you are in at all. Thus you have a tremendous opportunity to impact discovery and reach people who may not be comparing let alone thinking about what you offer.

The mechanics of the site are also fundamentally different. On Google you are looking to leave – they are a portal to another destination and a one hit visit that, if you don’t convert on your own site, is gone. On Facebook you are looking to engage and communicate with friends; links and outbound clicks are generally limited to seeing what others share. So if you try to drive a ton of website traffic as your primary goal on Facebook, you leave a lot of opportunity on the table vs driving up likes or offering on-site programs that build more around affinity and a long term conversation.

Both can have killer results but they have to be optimized to what they are and what the user expects in the time and place. If you take a “it worked on A thus it should work on B” attitude, you’re not giving things a chance to succeed.

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Facebook ads only work for certain special markets. It’s typically harder to find buyers through Facebook. Adwords is more generalized and easier to use to find buyers.

There’s no way to say what’s easier. It depends on your offering. From my experience, CPA was virtually the same. I got higher conversions with Adwords but higher CPC, lower conversions/low CPC on FB.

It really depends on what are you selling.Think about buyers structure.If you think buyers do know what they want to buy than Adwords,yet if you are selling something that may be interesting to people spending time on facebook than Facebook Ads.

It depends. If you would be using Facebook ads it is better to create your own Page instead of directing the links to your website. I prefer Facebook ads because there’s a multiplying effect when a person “Liked” your advertized page, this is because the friends of this person will see the “Like” on their wall and some do check them out. Not to mention potential “Shares” if they liked your ad which will cost you nothing. Adwords doesn’t have this advantage.