How do you make new friends online?

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You can make new friends by social networking sites Like Facebook and Twitter…

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I make friends with the help of social networking sites like Facebook. Just we have have to send a friend request only. If he or she is interested, they will add you. It depends upon them.

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Making friends online is really good. You can make big network by the help of social networking sites. You just need to send your friend request.

Join social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Multiply, etc.

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Make posts on boards like this


I would agree that social media sites and forums are some of the best ways to network and meet people online. Another good way is to network on freelancing sites and share ideas there with professionals that are involved in the same kind of work.

Here are some tips on making friends through social media,



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Hi, add social media sites facebook, twitter,google plus,hot mail,pininterst,Kaboodle and other sites

I added them as a friend in facebook and follow them in twitter. in forum, i thanked them when their post is helpful

Facebook and Twitter helps a lot…forums like these also help to an xtent but since few ppl nly use forums btr go for social networking sites

I do use Facebook to make online friends. Never use Twitter to make friends.

If I want to make friends, real friends, I don’t use social media… forums maybe but when I post in forums I don’t do it with the purpose of making friends. My goal is to debate and have fun dicussing an area or topic that interest me with people that share that interest.

It is true that if you hang around at the same forum for a while, you end up knowing who’s regular and who’s not, and there’s a feeling of familiarity. Also, if you’re really active, people do get to know you (at least, the image you give in that forum) and you will make acquitances.

making friends online is very good.we can do this with help of social networking like: facebook,twitter.from online making friends we can make lots of friends from different countries.

When I read things like this, I think that we’re confusing terms… I can understand that you can use FB to make new friends since you can create or join groups of people with the same interests… But Twitter? While not impossible, I find it hard to use it as a tool to make new friends. I mean… a blog, a forum, twitter… are not the tools that come to my mind to make friends. Yes to communicate but not for making friends.

Meetup and other similar sites are better for this, I think

Facebook Twitter best social sites for making a new friends.

From now on any replies that don’t elaborate on WHY a certain site is or is not useful for making new friends online, will be considered fluff and removed.

Hey friends yes you are right that make a new friends online through Facebook Twitter and other social networking sites for making a new friends.

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