How to get new friends in forums?


I am new here and don’t know how to get some new friends like my friend Geetha. I need some advice on getting good friends online. Those should not send me advertising materials.:rolleyes:

Try to be helpful and you will automatically receive the friend requests.

Everything that needs to be said has been said.

Thread closed.

if you want to add friends on your forum profile then first find those who have same interest as you which you can see from the post you are posting as if you are seo then you post on seo and there also other who post there then from there click on there profile and add to your friends which sent add a friend request to them

First you build a good and active profile in forums, then participate in some good threads make useful posts. Then you can add friends.

and when you engage somebody in an interesting conversation in some thread, you can suggest a meet-up if you both are from the same city. I have made a good friend myself 5 years ago in that very way. We talk almost everyday from that on in some IM.

It is a bit risky and depends if it’s appropriate in your city or culture.

I don’t think you should be from same country. But making new friends in forum is little tough as it is not like a social networking site. However, if you are active and find some person with same interest then you can talk with them. If it clicks all the phenomena to be your friends, then you will get the new friends.

I have these friends who became the best of friends while interacting with each other on a music forum. Till I actually met people who had become really good friends that way, I was completely skeptical about it. But it’s possible, just need to be a lil careful I guess.

Make friends by teach anything that you know about it. Let’s share about the content that interesting together.

Active in forum, contribute your ideas, share your thought to the forum friends. Slowly, you will get some friends.

We would not know the intention of the person at the start, if you find the person has intention when friend with you, you can tell the person your feeling or ignore him/her directly.

You can make friends in forums by giving comments on threads that you are good at, or sharing your knowledge. By that you would also know that you and the person that created that thread have the same interest.

making friend don’t need any tips or tricks…it is our personal behavior that make us friend with other and here also in forum if you want to make friend then be active in this in forum as more as you can

First you build a good and active profile in forums, then participate in some good threads make helpful posts. Then you can add friends.

Good and interesting things are very acceptable like this if you share good and interesting post or reply on the relevant forums.lot of people are appreciate your interesting this way lot of people will add you in their own friends folder…