Add friend on facebook

I joined facebook about 3 month, i want to make many friends more on the world to improve my skill English.

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to make friends on facebook you have to invest some time on community site and find the friends and also send the request to unknown friends and make them with nice quote.

you need not worry about your skill English… infact adding a friend is simple , but to reply his ? is a bit confusing … who r u ? so for this you need to search some answers or some quotes online if you don’t have a skill English…

facebook is gonna shutdown on 15 march its announced

No, it’s not… Facebook is a huge money maker that’s growing at an insane rate, the notion that it would shut down is simply absurd. It’s widely been covered that this is nothing more than a silly, albeit, well marketed rumor.

Facebook to shutdown? That’s a freaky idea.

If you want to make friends from facebook you can easily add friends along with nice quotes and status. There are lots of friendlier people on facebook and I believe they’re not hard to befriend and help you with your English problem. :cool:

You can add more friends and create groups to add friends, to get real valye of facebook, chokut, myspace and orkut

I think you should add people randomly & also start discussing things on different groups. That also helps in boosting relationship.

I don’t think fb is the right place to improve your English, for that there are other ways

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