How do you like your bananas?

I sort of have an ongoing feud with my mother-in-law, and it’s about bananas. I prefer bananas that are yellow, with some tiny “leopard” spots visible. They’re sweet yet not too mushy. She, on the other hand, likes them as green as can be. If they start to turn yellow, they’re ready for banana bread. She considers my ideal banana to be rotten.

In asking other people, I’ve found that most people prefer bananas to be more ripe than green, but there’s a hitch! I’ve noticed that women tend to prefer a greener banana than men. To test this theory, I’ve decided to create this completely unscientific and meaningless poll. Please choose the response that best suits your gender and banana preference.

The banana conditions are as follow:

A. All green, no yellow,
B. Mostly green, some yellow,
C. Mostly yellow, some green,
D. All yellow,
E. Yellow with some tiny “leopard” spots,
F. Yellow with large spots,
G. “Banana bread” brown.

In this house, I’ve learned to be grateful for any kind of banana I can get my paws on. :slight_smile: I’m married to a marathon runner, and his capacity for eating bananas is infinite. Blink and you miss them. :lol:

Hah! My wife is a dance/Zumba instructor, and I’m an avid cyclist. The challenge for me is having bananas left over after the green phase. She tends to gobble them all up before they’re ripe enough for me to eat!

E in the lead! :slight_smile:
D trailing by a peel… but will never slip ahead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is “Deep fried” missing from the poll?

Are we talking bananas or plantains here?

I guess I should be grateful for small blessings. We both like them the same way - a few freckles to brown spots.
Not green (well, maybe just a hint at the ends) but not black either.

Deep fried bananas, cheap and delicious from the numerous street vendors.

I would think they would need to be a little towards what I would consider “not ripe enough yet” to get through the cooking process, but they do sound delicious :nanaman:

Yes they are special Thai Burro banana…

Choose ones that are not too ripe. They should be yellow all over with the tops still a bit green. Burros at this stage of ripeness, in my opinion, make for the best frying bananas; they result in banana fritters that are sweet but still quite firm and not mushy after having been fried.

and if you can buy the Burros locally then here is an extensive tutorial so you can make some at home:

I chose D because I couldn’t choose what I wanted… I’m between D and E :slight_smile:

@John_Betong; I love deep fried bananas too :slight_smile:

i don’t like banana. Mostly Girls or lady like it. I like Blue Barrie’s… :-*

D-E-F is good for me, so I choose E.

Yay for E! :smiley:

I like mostly yellow or some green bananas.

DEFG for me but i have chosen E as it is most delicious !

Standard breakfast (without the deep frying) here. Have them growing in the jungle outside my office window. Call them “jungle bananas”, super sweet and lovely.

lol. Best thread I’ve seen here. cydewaze, you are a genius.
I haven’t eaten a banana since I was in primary school. I hate them.