Preferences Game

Alright. Another forum game.


Answer the question above you.
Leave a new question to keep the game rolling.

How to ask:
Ask a question where the next poster has to choose an option that you give. Let’s make them choose, not open-ended questions. Sort of like ‘Would you rather’. Shorthand questions are OK. Like so…

Person 1:

Hit by a car head on or hit from behind (both while walking)

Person 2:

Head on.

Pizza or fish sticks?

TehYoyo (real post starts here):

Fish sticks for sure.

Dinner, breakfast, or lunch?

Let’s roll!

I have to choose? Lunch. (but I prefer all 3 :smiley: )

HTML or PHP? … :wink:

Well, it depends what for, but OK - I’ll choose HTML.

Fruit or vegetables?


Coke or Pepsi?


Iphone or Android?

Because of my enduring dislike of Apple, Android.

Laptop or desktop or netbook?


Was Mathematics Discovered or Invented by man?

How philosophical. And rebellious.

Invented. Can’t discover something that doesn’t exist.

North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, or Antarctica? (I don’t think I missed any…)

Europe :smiley:

Night or day?

Depends on the Day. I’m kind of a night/day owl so night and day for me. :smiley:

PC or Mac?

Ooooh. I was going to do that one, but thought it too controversial and getting into dangerous territory :slight_smile:

But PC most definitely.

Book or eBook?

Book, without doubt

tea or coffee?


Sea or mountain?

Mountain. Love hiking. But I love the sea too :smiley: But mountain most definitely.

Ski or Snowboard?

Neither - we don’t get enough snow here. But I would like to try skiing one day, especially cross-country skiing.

Shrek or Donkey?

Donkey because Shrek can be overly obnoxious a lot of the times!

Blondes or Brunettes?

Yikes. Crosses Fingers Blondes?

Web design or web development?

Web development

Car or bike?

Bike (as in bicycle, not motorbike :slight_smile: )

Hiking boots or trainers?

Hiking boots

chocolate or ice cream?