How do you get your blog up the Google rankings?

Being trying to get my wee blog up the google ranking? Can you do this by writing the title of each post a certain way?

For example, I notice another blogger did a review of an recent episode of the office, for the title of his post he

‘The Office: Lotto’ Review

He is now the second page when you search for a review of the latest Office episode.

When writing reviews for the latest episodes you have seen, does it help in your google page rank to
use icons such as ",:() in the title of your post.

Or was there other reasons this blogger was ranked high. For my review of the office I just wrote The Office
Lotto Review

Any help or tips would be appreciated.

it depends on the competition. for low competition kws it would be lot easier.
first thing to consider is on-page seo. and then off page seo e.g. link building.

on page seo could include title, meta description, use of tags for seo etc.

This is an SEO question and not a question about blog content. Thread moved.

Well here are few things I have done for my blog -

  1. Daily update blog two times in a day with keyword in title and body
  2. bookmark all posts in top bookmarking sites
  3. use blog directories and RSS submissions
  4. Forum postings, blog comments and social media work.

No. If there was an easy way to get to the top of Google, everybody would be doing it, so it wouldn’t work any more…

When writing reviews for the latest episodes you have seen, does it help in your google page rank to
use icons such as [noparse]",:()[/noparse] in the title of your post.

Using punctuation marks as separators in the title or headings makes no difference. Google is interested in the content of your site, not whether you’ve used a colon rather than a dash in your title.

Or was there other reasons this blogger was ranked high.

Yup :cool: Maybe it had better content. Maybe it had more inbound links from reputable sites. Maybe it had better site navigation. Maybe it had better quality code. If you want general advice on SEO, we’ve got a huge great SEO FAQ that answers most of those questions already.

When you are going to start working on any keywords. You must need to take first step that tell you competition level. If competition level is to then it is easy for you to get top ranking. Other wise you will face lot of problem to get it on top raking of google

You can easily be on the Google rankings if you have less competitors for that keyword. You also need make sure that the content of your blog is unique and a copy and paste in your blog… Also do an off page optimization ( link building ) promote it into different sites and it is also a good idea if you make an account in social networking sites that promotes your sites.

Being technical personal
I would suggest(if not done),to get seo plugins of wordpress first…
there are many ,do a research…

These plugins will take care of most of onsite optimization and some offsite optimization as well.
then the other things suggested above applies…


Review writing is one strategy… Titles does play a role but there are many other major factors.

Quality of your content and backlinks is the first thing to consider.

Second thing,. jump in to social media optimization. Social media is a great channel for driving traffic to the website. Moreover, Google consider social media reputation for assigning SERP rank to the websites.

I agree

Can you verify or provide references for the claim…

  1. There are lots of blog directory you can submit you main keyword that target your blog URL.
  2. With daily updated content and title you can improve your blog value
  3. Promote your blog in social media sites

Google ranking I increase just via link building and content marketing. But ranking will not increase if they are created automotive via some tools. You can start posting in other blogs and put there your URL. Maybe this will help.
If you want to enhance your website traffic just start doing Social Media Marketing like FB, Twitter, YouTube.

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