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Last few days ago i create a blog on blogger. now i want to rank on google 1st page. whats type of marketing i need to bring to 1st on google.

Hi earnmob001 welcome to the forum

What makes you think you need marketing at all?

Why is your blog on Blogger? Have seen many Blogger pages that have come up first in search results?

The key to ranking well on search engines isn’t marketing, but high quality content.

Have you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”?

google adword is the fastest way,
or let your content get much of people read.
(just some my opinions ^^)

AdWords can be a good way to gain traffic, but it won’t affect organic search results, which is what the OP is asking about.

Ranking on the 1st page on Google isn’t going to be that easy. It usually takes months, even years to rank using SEO. It depends on how competitive your niche is and the kind of keywords you plan to use.

It’s not easy but not impossible. The key is consistently applying good SEO techniques. Just set a good foundation with good keywords, making your blog user friendly, and providing good content.

SEO is the method of optimizing your web content so that a search engines like to display it at the top result page for searches of a certain keyword. SEO optimizes particularly web pages to rank your business on the top & higher position on search engine.
These are the SEO techniques which will help you to bring your website at the top position on the search engines:

  1. Keyword research and analysis
  2. Optimize your website
  3. Add Title tags, Meta tags & Meta description
  4. Remove 404 errors
  5. Reduce loading time of the website
  6. Add Sitemaps
  7. Add robot.txt
  8. Image Alt tags
  9. Compress images
  10. Interlink website
  11. High-quality unique content
  12. Backlinks
  13. Social Media content sharing
  14. Blogging
  15. Guest blogging
  16. Social bookmarking
  17. Infographic submission
  18. Forum posting
  19. Blog directory submission
  20. Classified submission
  21. Article submission
  22. Podcast review
  23. Giving Testimonials
  24. Referral Links

Posting a list of “techniques” is of little or no value to somebody unfamiliar with SEO, as the OP apparently is. (Your list also seems to be mixing activities which will affect search ranking with those which might help drive traffic but will not affect ranking.)

To all posters:

Please don’t post a list of activities with no detail. Rather, pick one or two activities you feel are particularly important, and take time to explain them clearly, for a beginner.

Posts with insufficient detail will be removed as fluff.

Guest posting on other websites that are relevant to your website niche is good to create back-links. Additionally, you can always use free directories on the internet, social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram) but be aware that gaining “domain authority” with your blog will take time.
Only if you think you content quality is very high then go for paid advertisement on Facebook and GoogleAds, otherwise take some time to deliver relevant content and build up some traffic naturally.

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Quality content is the major factor in ranking high in Google. If you have good quality content, you can promote that on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
Off-page SEO techniques like Forum submission, Guest Posting, Social Bookmarking are also helpful. If you don’t have any knowledge about SEO then rank your website high in search engine with the help of professionals.

These may help to drive traffic, but they are not good techniques for SEO. Links which you place yourself are regarded as worthless by search engines, and reputable sites will mark them nofollow, as we do here.

Forum posting with the intention of providing helpful responses and interesting contributions can bring traffic to your site from people who view your profile and decide they want to know more. Forum posting with the intention of promoting or link-dropping will win you no friends and may result in your account being banned.

i think it’s not so much the type of marketing, it’s the content in general, there are ways to improve your Site’s Ranking, for example.

Publish Relevant Content
Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. Quality content created specifically for your intended user increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance.


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Add your sites in Forums.
That will help to create backlinks.

Most forums will mark links posted by members as nofollow, they won’t help with ranking because Google disregards links that were not editorially placed.
Also link dropping in forums for the purpose of self promotion will likely be seen as spamming and may get your posts removed and account blocked. That is certainly the policy here.
So in reality it’s actually a waste of time to spam forums.

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Hello earnmob001,

First you need to choose the keywords which you want to rank in first position of Google. Its all depend upon your keywords competitions, if the competition of your keywords is high then you need to do extra effort.

You need to update your blog seo friendly ie meta tags (Title and Description), Google indexing, Google Ping, Keyword Optimization, Alt attributes (If images) etc.

After On-Page go for Offpage and social media promotion. Share your blog link with some content in social media platforms like FaceBook, GooglePlus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter with using hash tags. Start link building in high PA DA website.

I think seo is best for you. Focus on keywords and install yoast seo :slight_smile: I think that

Does Yoast work with Blogger @greenmorgan1997 ?

I think it does if you create with wordpress.

The OP’s site is created with Blogger, not Wordpress.

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I think doing SEO is one of the effective methods of website marketing will help to make your keyword to rank higher in google.This can even help to increase the traffic to the website.