How do social bookmarking sites increase traffic?

I’m confused. I always see people on this forum and other forums talking about how they use social bookmarking to increase their traffic. I’m sort of confused by this in that I’ve never seen much traffic coming to my site from social bookmarking sites that I have submitted to.

Do you guys have a big network of people on these social bookmarking sites that are going to your bookmarks and that is giving you traffic? I guess I just don’t get where all this seemingly mythical social bookmarking traffic comes from, because I sure haven’t seen any of it…

How does this work?

I think it brigns traffic not directly but by creating backlinks to your content, so google gives your page more value and ranks it higher in its results pages.
But that’s not so easy, it’s just a short explanation.

Also social bookmarking can work well on its own, but then your content has to appeal to the kind of audience the social bookmarking has, and that is people who like computers a lot. There a profile for this people, like you and me. If your content appeal to them/us, then you might also get backlinks.
But for this it means your content is really interesting/appealing, it’s not so easy to produce such content.

Meh it’s a tuff’ customer. As a general rule though you need quality content, and a nice set of friends willing to ‘digg’ ‘stumble’ or whatever your content until it gets noticed.

yes, i agree with you because whenever we will not use fresh and quality content till then will not get quality and high traffic…so try always quality content…for social bookmarking submission.

I’m just getting a good traffic in propeller. All you need to do is join in many groups and add your friends in the community. Then you need to have a good title in your story so that visitors will visit it. Of course followed by a good content so they might trust your site.

What is the usage of doing backlinking?

I am new to SEO,i learned SEO by my own!From the toturials i learned doing backlinks would be helpful for SEO?

Why?What is the reason?

Social bookmarking sites can help to increase your traffic. Just make sure that the story you submitted is good that makes the reader to spend their time to read it.

Here is a good read to increase your SB performance.

For better conversion tru social networking

Generally social book marking sites are visited by many people for particular reason. They may search their need on social book marking site. If the search word matches with your book mark, it will turn the visitor to your page. Thats how book marking provides visitors to you.

it’s very useful information

I have yet to see any real traffic come out of the social bookmarks themselves, but I have noticed a bounce in the search engines by targeting specific keywords.

I reckon social bookmarking help your search ranking more. You may not see instant traffic but your site would rank for your keywords with time

Good traffic depends on quality of the content, IMO.

They are really worth in increasing your web presence as social book markings increases your chances of appearing in the web results more depending upon the keywords which you use.


Social bookmarking can drive traffics to your site. It is a good way of Search Engine Optimization. Linking your site using social bookmarking is very great.
Anyway there are other ways that you can do in optimizing your site. You can do also forum posting and blog commenting.
And if you want somebody to do that to you. i highly recommend skgtechnologies.


Social Bookmarking increases traffic to your website and they are really worthy if bookmarked in social bookmarking sites with a high Page ranks.Also it is better to perform manual social bookmarking than the automated method where there may be a chance of rejection and bookmarks falling in wrong categories which is not worthy .

People bookmark the site in the social bookmarking sites and gain the backlinks and there by we are getting a lots of traffic to our site.

If user found the content of there interested they will visit your website to read full story.


Try to visit this site. Hope this will help you.