How do I increase social media traffic?


Please suggest me, How do I increase social media traffic?

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There are quite a few topics about this subject that you can read and get advise from. What have you done?

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Please clarify what you mean by that. Are you trying to increase traffic to your social media profiles, or from them to your website?

Increase traffic to social media profiles.

OK. In that case I’m going to move the thread to the Social Media category. But as @molona says, you need to give more details if you want to receive any useful answers.

Which social media are you using, and which techniques have you already tried?


Hello @Digifame;

As much as we all try to help one another here on the forums, it is in your best interest to help us help you. Unfortunately to make a post of one line saying that “you want help to increase your social media traffic” is not sufficient. What are you trying to use social media for? Are you using social media to drive traffic to your website? product? other social media platforms? What have you done already? What have you had success with so far? which social media in particular are you using or wanting to increase your traffic to and or from?

As you can see there is a ton of information that you need to provide for us to enable us to guide you successfully forward to your answer(s)

As was also mentioned that is currently a lot of information avail on the forums and (premium) to point you in the right direction.

Please take the time to educate yourself and us with your request and progress.

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Mr. Digifame

Use this regular strategy that you can increase your social media traffic

  1. Create Profile & Joint Social Media Network
  2. Regularly Update in Every Social Media Sites
  3. Post Social Media Link to your blog posts & Add Social Sharing Buttons on your blog sites
  4. Create Own Group & Community With more Conversion
  5. Use Hashtags in Social Media Every post - Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram.

Profiles or pages?

Post quality trendy interesting content on your website. Quality content always get some organic visitors, organic shares.

Press release about your company/service, share them on the social media websites.
Post regularly. Stay - Wait - Post - Stay - Wait to gain more followers and fans.

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There are several ways for you to increase social media traffic. But if I were you, Facebook ads is the best out there because you can find targeted traffic and leads there. However, if you don’t have money to spend, try create a Facebook fan page of your own, engage with other related pages and invite them to che k out your page.

Here are some points that you use to increase traffic to your social profiles:-

1.) Make a strong profile and fill all details
2.) Post always Trending and Qualitative content. Never post copy content
3.) Likes on comments on other post
4.) Not post promoted content for any type of service or business
5.) Likes other pages
6.) follow other people
7.) Always be active on every social media and check notifications
8.) Participants in discussion
9.) share other post
10.) Using hashtag
11.) Not doing Overposting


Post interesting images or news on regular basis that can attract the people. In twitter, follow the people of your relevant industry to increase your followers. You may take help of to find the relevant industry people. Tweet the posts on daily basis.

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Create pages and post more videos,images with link. Then updates your timeline with new trend news. Create group and invite people to join. Increae your followers.

Here are some suggestions:

  • It starts with excellent quality content. This must be original, relevant to your niche and good quality to read. Start by posting this on your website through a blog or articles, then share this across each of your social media profiles
  • Use excellent images in your social posts to draw attention - without doubt it will increase clicks to your posts and create enough engagement for people to genuinely want to follow your pages
  • Cross link your URLs across each profile - for example, list all your social media URL links on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube etc. This transfers strength and followers between them
  • Interact with other social media pages - genuinely following others with interest will get the same engagement back when you interact, like, leave genuine comments
  • Link your social media profiles - eg if you post a Facebook post, set it so that it automatically updates as a link on Twitter. Same for LinkedIn and so forth
  • Try a Facebook campaign to get relevant clicks to your page - set a budget that is acceptable for you and attract people with the same interests in your niche

Good luck!

Daily update your social media like Facebook, twitter, H5, Instagaram, google+, scoopit, tumblr, etc creat blogs with uniqe contents and make forums profile and comment posting so you get to place on google top 10 search

I’m amazed that this kind of advice is still being offered, so once again (with apologies to those who have read similar replies from me already):

Most reputable forums, including Sitepoint, mark external links “nofollow”, in accordance with Google’s guidelines on links which are “not editorially vouched for”. Such links will therefore not help you rank. On the contrary, they may be seen by Google as being contrary to their guidelines, and could result in your site being penalised.

Additionally, forum posts made with the aim of promoting your site, rather than advancing the discussion, are a sure-fire way to get you into trouble with the forum and possibly banned for Spamming. Don’t do it.

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