How to increase social media traffic

Plz Help me to solve this issue

How can I increase social traffic for my web site Carpace

plz don’t think this is spam. I am seriously asking this

Hello carpace. You will find several threads in the Marketing forum. Please read those and if you have a specific question come back.

I have moved the topic to marketing, and removed your drop link as it’s not necessary.

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Your question is much too vague and general to attract any meaningful replies, @carpace. Please give some more details, as the more information you give, the more likely it is you will receive useful advice.

For example, which niche is the site in? (We don’t need a link, just an idea of the subject matter.) Who is your target audience - age, gender, geographic location? Which social sites are you using, what techniques have you tried, and what results did you get?

If you have account, make sure you always post something relevant that is link back to what page you are promoting. Thrice a week is the best way to boost your social media traffic and create a quality blog, technique or news to your targeted audience.

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Do you have an authoritative source to back up that statement? As it stands, it sounds like a “magic” figure - just plucked out of thin air. Please explain the basis for your answer. Does it apply to all niches and all social media, or is it a technique which has worked for you in a specific niche with a specific social network?


Actually no, there is no certain proof that is just a self stated statement. It’s a practice that our mentor have thought us. So if you do have any idea about it, would you care to give it as a tip instead of criticizing it?

I’m not criticising; I’m trying to elicit more information in order to make your reply more helpful to other members.

You will see a great deal of “advice” (both here on these forums and elsewhere on the Internet) on various aspects of marketing, social media, etc. which make statements like that.

“You need to post every day” or “You must make between 5 and 10 posts per day” or “Thrice weekly is the best way” - we see these kinds of statement all the time. Now, it may be that they originated because somebody spent a great deal of time and trouble carefully testing different approaches and finally reached this conclusion - but unless that information is given in the post, it is of no value.

IMHO, the best approach is to post on alternate days, but make two or three good posts each time.

Do you simply believe me when I tell you that, or do you want to know the background, the basis for my advice? If you want the background (and you should) I’ll tell you. I made it up. I don’t use social media. Your mentor’s advice might have a very sound basis, but without that information, it’s no more useful than my made-up advice.

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