How can I use Facebook at the maximum to promote my Digital Marketing company website

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I just want to know what is the maximum extent can I use Facebook to promote my digital marketing company website as the facebook is leading social networking website and people always addicted to it ;).

Beyond Paid advertising give me out some solutions, Any suggestions will be appreciated


Your first task should be to build up your network and get people following your page. Without paid advertising, you can promote your page on other websites, link to it via business listing websites like and similar ones, you can act as the page and interact with your target market’s content on facebook. Like posts, comment on posts (perhaps of other digital marketers). Like other pages with your business page and then you can comment and otherwise interact with those page’s posts.

You could also promote your page through email blasts. A good way to build your network is to create some kind of content that people will want to see like a funny or entertaining video or perhaps a whitepaper and then fangate your Facebook page. There are some tutorials out there for how to build one of these if you don’t want to pay for a service.

Here is a pretty good one,

Here are some other ideas,

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First Create strong profile, Connect with groups, Increase Friends and followers Share latest stuff, Once you get enough followers then start to share business or services you will get good benefits.

*Use a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your website
*Use a promoted tweet to drive traffic to your website
*Link back to dedicated landing pages for conversion
*Sponsor a form on another Facebook page
*Create a LinkedIn ad driving to a lead generation form
*Promote a strong call to action
*Promote an offer
*Make it visual for Pinterest pins
*Advertise on relevant forums
*Organize ad distribution by target personas

Create Facebook fan page
Create some interactive group
Join others groups that are relevant to your industry
keep on updates that should be informative not just posting or sharing

You should do:

  1. Create facebook page for website
  2. Join groups on your facebook
  3. Share your site’s information or latest update about your website
  4. Connect it with linkedin, twitter
    after that you can get more traffic on your website.

I had created a group in FB also joined similar category groups and added more members to it… Also connected it with linkedin and twitter. Now my site is getting good traffic. :slight_smile:

thank you webexperts, should we need to send add requests to people?

Create a face book page with the name of your website which you want to promote and then share among your friends. If you want something extra then start the advertising of your face book page on face book.

Hi 360DC,

With your first question/post, what maximum extent can you use Facebook in promoting your digital marketing company via Facebook in terms of a Free Advertising, this will depend on your the time you are willing to spend in your Social Media Strategy. As answered by our friends in this community, you need to build a network with your related niche (a place where your expertise is suited), as well as those who will be interested in the product/service you will be providing.

Of course, in building a community, you have to build trust in your company/brand and this is what is going to eat most of your time. You have to get people’s attention, remain professional, and at the same time be informative that you will be one of the priority pages viewers will be visiting whenever they have a query for certain topics which you basically offer.

Building a community is such a broad topic which generally includes gaining likes on your fan page, comments and views on the contents/images/videos/podcasts you share, and other things you are sharing and posting on your page.

And as for your follow up question with @Webexperts, do you need to add requests to people… This again will be based on your “Building a Community” strategy. If I were you, I would. Most especially if those people you will be sending your requests can really help you in the long run. This is just my point of view, but I believe if you have something worthy to share, it won’t hurt to request from them (and if you won’t be flooding their news feed anyway).

Create a fan page, increase more friends as much as possible. Make sure to be a productive member of facebook.

Create your business page at facebook and then post your company’s information at your facebook business page. Get maximum like at your business page and also get your post’s maximum like.

Post an attractive profile, then share your most interesting stuffs to various communities and keep posting your things 3-5 times in a week with interesting facts. You will get good result soon.

Do you have any idea about Pming? or get some free fb likes of your page…

@smanaher The links were really useful… I’ll try them to promote my page as well… Thanks

Create facebook events for your business. Join relevant groups and share your posts daily… your content should be eye catching.

To get maximum promotion of your Digital Marketing Company website through Face book you need to provide a complete information about your digital company website, featuring its products and services in terms of Graphics Design, Logo Design, Web Design which you have accomplished. Keep on posting the material related to your area of interest on your time line so as to keep your audience updated & active, which in turn improve your face book edge rank. Beside that you can go for asking feed back of your users through comments,likes and share which will help you to gain more over your competitors. Above all , you can put some offer from your company side through visual ads by creating Events on Face book.

Create your Facebook Business Page
Be an active user
Make Regular and Attractive Posts
Get Maximum likes through your (theme related) fans
Make Online Contests
Create Event and Also Join other Events
Put Facebook Page badget in your websites and blogs

If you want to use Facebook for your digital marketing company website promotion, then creating a Facebook page or group is a good option. Create a strong profile, add more peoples to your profile, post daily something related to your website, provide all information regarding your website, make your post attractive. These techniques really help you to get more traffic.

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