How to use Facebook as your promotion tool~~~

I’m operating an online wholesale store for clothing.
And I know many B2C website select facebook as their promoting tool.
so I’d like to use this SNS website too.
But I’m so confused to how to use such a complique site…

Any tips or suggestion would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

Create a group or fan page for your store

how to orgnise the content
Because I sell fashion clothing
which mode should i adopte?

by the way,
how to earn the marketplace credit???

I’d like to exchange some reciprocal links.~~~

Second - Tell all your friends about it.

By the way. Here is the Top 5 ways to promote your facebook fan page found on my site. If you think it’s helpful, give it a vote.

Hope this helps.

There is not that much complexity in using Facebook as when you have your network more expanding then you have chances of expanding you business among the ones who are on the lookout for the similar business and also sometimes your friends…

Facebook is good inbound links. It could help you provides regular link to your site and to your followers. Just make sure your network page is relevant.

create a group or a fan page and invite your friends and customers to join in. Post your latest offers that they can avail and interact with them on daily basis.

Get a fan page :slight_smile: and do facebook advertising if you have the budget

fan page and advertising is the way to go. if you can create an event too, those grow fast.

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Has anyone had good results with Fbook advertising?

pretty good, but not always.

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Get a fan page and do facebook advertising if you have the budget

Well, that’s a good idea, but Facebook is still pretty secretive as to how they arrive at their cpc prices. You might start out at $.50 per click one day and 24 hours later for no reason have no impressions and no clickthroughs and Facebook’s suggestion to up your bid to $1.75 per click to $2.50 (for better results). Best to create an ad and be very micro-targeted as to who’s profiles should display your ad. That will save your ad budget.

create a fan page of your business and then tell your friends to join. post daily updates of your products and also post interesting offers to attract costumers.

Creation of Fan pages, profiles for celebs and even a group can aid you a great deal in prospering your business.