How to promote my facebook fan page


i want to promote my facebook fab page, so please let me know how can i do that

Hi @daviddone1234 and welcome to the forums.

There is a SitePoint article which might give you some ideas to start with:

It’s a bit difficult to give you specific advice without a little more information from you. What is the subject of your page? What techniques have you tried for promoting it, and were any of them successful? Or is it a brand new page and you’ve yet to start promoting it?

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Hi ,
There are lots of way you can promote your Facebook page.You can refer the below links.

Hope this will help.

Hi ,
maybe these links will help:

I am using this strategy.

  1. Before you get some real likes from real people, you should have some likes on your facebook fan page. Then people will trust you.
  2. How do you get dummy likes? Use sites like addmefast, youlikehits.
  3. when you have considerable likes on your fan page, invite your friends and relatives and ask them to post your fan page link on their wall.
  4. Start posting viral images and tag your friends. Post atleast 5 to 6 images in a day. don’t over do it.
  5. Use Facebook Advertising if you can afford spend money.
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@me4all55 what is a “viral image”?

@Mittineague Like Funny Images, Interesting Quotes, Current Affairs . Images perform well on facebook.

Ah, in other words images that you hope others will like. But what makes them :“viral”?

@Mittineague when you post a funny image and tag your friends, few of your friends may like or share that post to their followers. that’s how it goes viral.

Along with that image you need to add some text like

More fun is here : your fan page link.

Seriously? In order to gain “trust”, you have to fake things - and therefore prove yourself untrustworthy?

Personally, I judge things for myself, not by what other people think, and I would not decide to share a page simply because it had a lot of likes. And I’ve read enough posts on here from people advocating the use of fake likes to now be very suspicious of the whole process. Maybe it works - but it’s not a route I would choose.

@TechnoBear . To be honest. May be it is unethical. But that is what worked for me. All the advertising companies use the same strategy. Most of us buy only those products which are advertised, there may be other better product in the market but no one care about it.

@daviddone1234 one more thing to remember here. This works. May be you get thousands of likes. but if you don’t post quality content and if none of your fans interact with your post. Then it won’t show up in their news feed.

So like technobear said. quality does matter here.

Here’s one and two good articles on Facebook page promotion.

Write a blog with information which you want to share and add your Facebook fan page URL. share this blog with your friends. the content should be unique and attractive.

To promote your Facebook page you required to do some following steps:

  1. First of all increase your followers and friends
  2. Involve in different groups that have similar topic like your Facebook page
  3. Involve in conversion with your groups and friends
  4. Add viral content, and attractive images on your Facebook page
  5. Use some visual presentation to make attractive your face page
  6. Share your content, image son different groups and your friend circle

You can share your facebook fan page in google+ communities!!

Its very challenging but not difficult to get attention of audience if you follow the following short tips will be very helpful to you to attract the audience for your for Facebook fan page promotion first you must need good quality content for target users and follow the target audience,add attractive images and video content on different video search engines and share link on Facebook fan page.follow group who’s belong to your niche.

One of the best ways to promote your facebook fanpage is to be active and comment on other pages. I do not say that you should spam, but if you engage in conversations, people will check you out and some of them will even like your profile. And that is another thing - it has to be interesting in order for people to stay longer and eventually click ‘like’. Post things related to you, something funny, news, anything that is good will do.

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Share your facebook page on other social sharing sites.

The best way to promote your fan page is post shareable content.Add videos and images related to your website and be contact with your fans through comments.Ask for suggestion.Update your page regularly.Likes other people page and appreciate their work.they will do same for you.

You can promote your facebook fan page easily…just do these steps :smile:

  1. Make a fan page attractive means add Header image , page image,
  2. Update all required information on your page.
  3. Post daily 4-5 attractive post with Descriptive image .
  4. share these images to your friends and groups with facebook page link …
    5)Likes other people page and appreciate their work.they will do same for you.
  5. Ask for suggestion.Update your page regularly.