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Hi All,

Wanting to get some feedback from anyone who uses SitePoint premium around the new dashboard and how well this works when offline. We have made some improvements and want to see if this has made the experience any better.

The feedback you provide us will help us work out what we need to do with offline support.

Things I am interested in finding out are:

  • Can you access content offline
  • Do you understand how to find content offline?
  • Do you use our content offline?
  • If you could change anything about our offline mode what would it be?

Any other comments on the product are much appreciated.


I am a new premium member and just getting started.

I clicked on several online books to make them available offline, the download was successful. But I don’t know where my offline dashboard is on my laptop (Windows 10)?


Hi and thanks very much for supporting SitePoint,

The dashboard is located at:

So go to that page now online and you will see books and should be able to see ones that have the tick to show they are available offline.

If you then go offline you again go to:

It should load even without internet and you should see any books that you made offline. You can then click on them and it should open and you can read them all while being offline.

Thanks again for joining SitePoint.

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