HostGator issues


I have moved my shared web hosting plan from after my sites kept on getting hacked - I think the hacks were server root level, although oneandone said they weren’t, and blamed my scripts.

I’ve moved to and they seem ok, but with one issue. If I try to open six or seven web pages in quick succession, the hosting package seems to get overloaded and things like .php includes inside the web pages start appearing as 404 not founds.

Do HostGator have very poor traffic surge levels? As suckworthy as 1&1’s technical support was, at least their shared web hosting plans seemed to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking.

Having a large monthly bandwidth allowance is all very well, but not much use if you can’t eat what you’ve purchased because if more than a couple of people users surf the site at any one time, it all times-out and comes up with blank pages etc.

Trying to find a good web host these days reminds me of trying to find a good printer when I was a graphic designer - or a good builder for my house at any time!




I’m the owner of hostgator and am here to help you. Just send me an email to with your ticket number and I’ll help you figure out what’s going on.

It does sound like you may be hitting the 25 simultaneous processes which would never happen from only six pages loading unless there’s something wrong with you code which we’ll be happy to help you with.

I haven’t had such issues with Hostgator and I have been using them for quite a long time. I always get good technical and customer support from their representatives when I contact them about technical glitches, and they are very helpful and competent. I try to contact them directly when I have problems as their online knowledgebase is not very good and needs improvement.

HostGator has gotten too big for their own good and their clients’ good. They have a threshold and it is very low.

Thanks for the advice.

The 25 processes at any one time might well explain it, as some of the sites hit that easily when a popular article is re-tweeted etc.

It also explains why Twitter keeps on posting messages on my web site’s associated accounts saying that my HostGator set-up email addresses keep on bouncing, and do I want to change to a differerent email.

Oh boy - as bad as 1&1 were when my sites ran into problems, at least the e-mail accounts were stable under traffic loads.

Looks like I have jumped from the frying pan into the fire by leaving 1&1 for HostGator. Well, pay peanuts, get a monkey for an ISP, I suppose.


First of all, I suppose that the reason on hack was on your side only. They must have a lot of other acoounts hosted on the server and so you want to say they were hacked too?
I suppose you need to check your web applications and update them change pass and possibly FTP client.

You are allowed 25 simultaneous processes at Hostgator. It may be that somehow you’re reaching that limit. Email accounts that you’re connected to via an email client (outlook, thunderbird etc), each count as a process too. Just a guess, I don’t really know if that’s the cause for what you see.

Contact them and ask for an explanation.