Anyone Use Hostgator

I am posting looking for anyone who is or has hosted with

I am looking to move a site to their service that handles around 15000 pageviews a month and was hoping I could get some input from actual users of I want to do the basic shared hosting plan.

15K pageviews is nothing. They can handle more. Make sure your database is not using up too much CPU, that’s when they disable sites.

I’ve got a site getting some 35K page views a month (and I don’t track all pages, robots etc.). Unless you use some poorly written plugin, or too many plugins with your main CMS, you should be fine with HG’s shared hosting.

15,000 pageviews a month is only 500 a day. Any shared hosting plan can accommodate that.

Been using Hostgator for about four years,

I have two shared (Baby) plans with them at the moment. no problems so far. (touches wood very quickly) :wink:

Been with Hostgator almost a year now and cannot fault them,
they are honoring the unlimited bandwidth & database space so far
and moved my db upto the big SQL server when it passed the 5Gig
mark. Since then the site has become more stable & faster.

As others have pointed out 15K page views a month is not that
big a resource drain for any good web host, unless they are either
really big pages or doing one helluva lot of processing server side.
Dare say one could find somebody running a large wordpress site
on free hosting with that kind of traffic.

I wouldn’t say that “any” shared hosting plan could accommodate this load. But, any reputable provider can and will be able to accommodate you with that level of page views.


IVe used them for a brief time cause the guy was trying to sell it but gdaddy really has the market locked up and they are doing a damn good job


I get close to 500K pvs on one of my HG accounts. Its a regular baby account too. Been that way for almost 2 years, never had a problem,.

So, Tom

did you go with hostgator ? I’d like to know what you think.

right now I am using dreamhost

I am in ecommerce business since past few years,n also handling wide range of online products. I am hostgator customer from very first day; and found them honest, fair, dedicated, ideal for business with guaranteed uptime and capable to handle huge traffic.