Hostgator unstable

Since saturday hostgator has been doing some migration on their server, which has resulted in a very unstable server, that has been down many times. At the current moment, the server is down and I can not access any of my websites or the nameserver.

Can anyone recommend a more stable hosting provider?


How long have you been with hostgator? Generally whenever I’ve used them they have been fine.

I’ve also used, and a few others. Never had too many problems with either.

I have been with Hostgator since 2005.

There have been problems now for 4 consecutive days. That I too much in my opinion.

I would be contacting support to find out what is going on / how they are going to help you get your sites back up. They should be able to migrate you to a new server if there is a problem wiht the physical host.

I have been in contact with support many times. They have not been able to give an eta.

The sites are back up now, but I am stilling planning to find another host.

Always a good idea, there are so many out there… decide what features you require and set yourself a budget.

hostgator is a best option
Iam using it before two years…

You obviously didn’t read the thread at all did you? The issue is hostgator is experiencing some instability and the user wants to move somewhere else.

@materix ; every host eventually has a run of bad luck, it is what they do during that time that makes you feel good about them or infuriated with them. For example, I’ve been with DreamHost now for 4 years. Within the first year, the server I was on, crashed. It had to be completely rebuilt and it took forever to get the backups restored because 1) I had nearly 100 GB of data, and 2) their network was capable of pushing the throughput for restoring all of the sites they had on that server quickly.

In the end, they gave everyone affected by that downtime free year of hosting (great response in my opinion). They also started to work 1 on 1 with each of us to prioritize what data needed restored ASAP and what could be done after they get the high priority items restored (big bonus points for that). Needless to say, I’m still with them because of how they dealt with an impossible situation. Since then they have done MAJOR overhauls to their network and structure to help ensure this doesn’t happen again, but let’s face it, you can’t prepare for everything.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a new host.

i have been using hostgator , liquidweb, photonvps, jaguarvps, softlayer the all have some misadvantages
if you’re looking for something more stable and promising i’d recommend you to go with NatcoWeb , its been about 2 month and im really impressed by speed and support

I agree with you hostgator was down for many days. They used to be one of the most reliable shared hosting suppliers in the biz, but they’ve been fairly substandard the last half a year.

My new favourite web host is Never had any significant issues with them ever.

Me too :slight_smile:

That’s kind of funny since HostGator is owned by the same company that owns Bluehost: EIG. In fact, the recent problems people are having with HostGator are related to being moved from the Texas data center where they were (ThePlanet I think) to Bluehost’s data center in Provo, Utah.

A few problems here and there are to be expected, especially with a server move to a new data center. A few days of problems is a silly reason to jump ship to a new host if you ask me. If you are having problems for two weeks and those same problems keep re-occurring, then I can see looking for a new host. Otherwise, you are best to sit tight and let them get the kinks ironed out.

One thing I get a kick out of is reading a web hosting board where someone says they are sick of their host and are moving to another host when they are in fact moving from one EIG-owned brand to another. :lol: