Best hosting provider

Hi, can anyone knows which is the best hosting provider? For me look all the same. Thanks

[FONT=Verdana]You could start by reading this thread:

For detailed advice on how to choose a host, I would suggest this thread, especially post #4 by dklynn:

Some of the top hosting providers are:

Amongst these, justhost is more cost effective.

Top of what? If you are saying they are the top of paid advertising, I might agree. If you are mentioning them as the top of quality services, I definitely disagree. There are many others better than those hosts.

No one can say which host is the best. There is only the best host for specific requirements, not in general.

Hi Niko - That depends on the type/size web or application you want to host. If you don’t know yet, I would recommend Windows shared hosting. With windows you can host both php or, and both mysql or ms sql. By subscribing to shared (instead of vps, cloud or dedicated) you will keep initial costs down until you have these answers.

Best hosting in the world? :slight_smile:
To speak in a simply way, most of hosting companies can say that they’ll satisfy all your needs, but reality can be different, and you’ll experience that after some time - if the company is good for you or not.
First of all, you need to clarify what requirements you have - website volume, monthly traffic, what are the resources it might take, how many email / FTP / database accounts you need, etc.
The most important thing is the reliability. You might need to search between many reviews/testimonials to find out really appropriate provider, as lots of review websites today are affiliated and they getting paid from the big hosting companies to post positive reviews. So this is the mission for the beginning.
Call, live chat, submit tickets, use external monitoring sites, explore the history of the provider to evaluate its reliability, use testing account or discounted offers, so at the end you can relax with the trust to them.

Maybe after reading the forum post suggestion here you can come back and give some specifics on your needs. Are you seeking a specific geographical region, do you need free migration assistance and are you looking for cloud hosting, shared hosting, a VPS or dedicated hosting plans? Support will be very important to you if you are just beginning your hosting experience. The best can mean so many things in the hosting world that a general answer to that question just isn’t good enough. Post more details for us and you will get the help that you need.

Those are all one company - Endurance.

[FONT=Verdana]As I understand the question, the OP is asking for advice on how to choose a hosting company, not for a list of hosting companies. Please keep your replies on-topic.

Unless the OP returns to this thread soon, it will be closed.[/FONT]

Here I’d add some more info:

  1. If you have a personal / blog / small business / promo site - It’s better to choose shared cPanel hosting plan within €1 - €5 /mo. budget
  2. For small e-commerce site (without handling credit card info) - start with cPanel plan with dedicated IP and SSL certificate - €5 - €15 /mo. for a hosting + approx. €10 for the SSL cert.
  3. Reseller hosting is a good point of start to host multiple websites - €12 - €50 /mo. and upgrade to VPS as necessary
  4. For business site - VPS hosting is recommended - €15 - €40 /mo.
  5. For a corporative infrastructure - get a dedicated server - €80 - €300 /mo.

Success to you!

That list can be misleading. Those are some of the more popular bigger companies that offer web hosting but not all are the top providers.

Popular hosting provider doesn’t mean the Best, as customers can have different requirements and different opinions about the same company.