Help with Photoshop Instruction to Create Logo

I’ve purchased a theme and I’m trying to recreate this logo on the theme using the instructions. I’m stuck on step 3.

Can anyone tell me how to make layer from text stroke in step 3. Where would I click, the text, the layer. I’m not sure what that means.

Logo Creation Help

Step 1: Create your text using the free font “Creampuff”
in 60 px strong.

Step 2: Give text a 6px stroke using the color of your choice.

Step 3: right click on text and make layer from text stroke.

Step 4: Double click on text and give text a gradient
overlay using #ffffff for top color and #ccccccc for bottom
color. Also give a drop shadow of 90 degrees, 1px distance
and 4px size.

Step 5: go to filter > noise > add noise and give the stroke
layer a 7% noise with uniform and monochromatic

Step 6: Double click on the text’s stroke and give it a drop
shadow of 90 degrees and 1px distance and 2px size.

Step 7: go to file > save for web & devices, save as a
transparent png in the images folder as the color theme
you are using - “blue_logo.png”

It eluded you because the instructions weren’t clear. I find a lot of online tutes make assumptions about what we know and skip essential info. Drives me nuts, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess! And I guess I can’t criticize when I’m obviously guilty of the same thing!

Thanks for the screenshots, Scallio. That’s what I was describing (but a picture tells a … something).

@goofy I’m using CS3 too, so it is there.

Right click:

And then click “Create layer”:

(using cs3)

I don’t see this. I’m still using CS3 so maybe this is not an option in CS3.

I’m not very Ps savvy, but I just tried this out and this worked:

  • apply stroke to the text through the blending options (the fx at the bottom of the layers palette)
  • Then for that text layer, at the top of the layers palette, you see: Text > Effects > Stroke
  • right-click on the word Stroke, and there is an option to “create layer”. This moves the stroke in its own layer.
  • for the next gradient step you click on the text layer and again click the fx button to apply the gradient overlay…

Hope that nooby explanation is of some use. :slight_smile:

I really hate when something so simple eludes me. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.