Creating the Carved/Engraved Text Effect | How to

Hello everyone,
First I have search the forum for this topic but did not find it.

I am looking to create a Carved/Engraved Text Effect.

Something like this:

There are other better examples but basically the text appeared to be engraved or carved in the background.

I have been struggling to learn this.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.


Just a few steps (Photoshop):

  1. Create a layer and give it a background color of your choice and name it bg layer

  2. Write a line of text and give it a dark(ish) color and name it txt

  3. Copy txt layer and drag the copy below your original txt layer and name it letterpress

  4. Give letterpress layer a color that is significantly lighter than your bg layer and push it down by 1 pixel so that it shows (you can additionally push it to the left or right by 1 pixel for a stronger letterpress effect)

  5. Select your txt layer and go to Blending Options, check “inner Shadow” with the following settings:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply (color should be black)
  • Opacity: 75% (or something similar)
  • Angle: 120°
  • Distance: 0 px
  • Choke: 0 %
  • Size: 5 px

Of course you can play around with the settings, but that is the general way you can get the effect you’re looking for.

Hey man,
Thanks for taking the time to explain things, really appreciate it.

So when you say create layer.

Are you meaning when I open Photoshop - Click new and then set size - click okay. Will that be the first layer? The first canvas?

I am use to using Fireworks.

In Fireworks you create a stage first before anything else.

I am assuming the first canvas you open or create is a layer in PS.

I have used PS a lot but never foe something like this, just images.

Thanks again.


Create a new layer (File > New) in Photoshop, then either use the bg layer that is already there or create one on top of it and name it bg.

In FireWorks, the process is quite similar:

  1. Create new canvas, give it a background color

  2. Write your text and name the text layer “txt”

  3. Duplicate “txt” layer, name it “letterpress” and drag it below your “txt” layer and give this layer a color that is lighter than your canvas/document background and move it 1px down and optionally 1px to the left or right so that it shows through

  4. Select your original “txt” layer, then go to your properties panel and click on add filter, select Shadow & Glow > Inner Shadow

Settings for Inner Shadow:

  • Distance (left, right, top, bottom axis): 0;
  • Opacity: 75%;
  • Background: Black;
  • Blur: 2;
  • Angle: 120°;

That should give you the same results as with the Photoshop approach.

Thanks very much, I shall put this to work.

Have a great weekend!


Have a great weekend as well!