Newbie trying to design a website header


I’m trying to not buy Photshop or any graphics editting software if I can help it (for my PC which uses Microsoft XP) - Photoshop looks reall good when I view some of the YouTube tutorial on though…

Would anyone know of any decent free software where you can create yourself a really decent header for a web-site. In particular I’d like to be able to move shadows, fade especially to do with the Text.

Can anyone help.

Thank you

ps. I’ve found a free download from - is this any good ?

you can try this;

10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop

try to online website
helps me a lot

Gimp is a standard free alternative to Ps that a lot of folks really like.

Thanks guys - was great.

I remember downloading gimp about 10 years ago and wasn’t that impressed ---- I know that sounds stupid – how time flies though!!!

I’m gonna watch some clips of it on Youtube first to see what I think.

Thanks again guys.


Gimp has grown by leaps since 10 years ago so try it out again. It should do most of the basic tasks that you need.

For vector editing you can also try Inkscape.