Googgle analytics question


I have just started doing analytics on my site. I have the three source areas search engines, direct traffic and referrals. However when skimming through the referrals I have these:


What are these? why are they not included under search engine results?



I think you should read these Google Analytics help pages…
Traffic Sources - Google Analytics - Google Code

Hope this helps!

Could be image referrals

perhaps this could be because of the referrals coming from images which have been searched into that location. For somehow it helps in your traffic referral so nothing to worry at all.

I dont think so. when i check in google analytics as to what the keyword is it comes up (not set). :confused:

It could be other sources from Google like Blogs, Discussion, Images, etc. which you can see on the left side when searching within Google.

Hope it helps!

I still find this hard to accept. In google analytics is not picking up any keyword (not set). If you go into images blogs etc you put in a keyword which surely google would pick up on and show under search engine results as a keyword!!??