Help me to get google adsense

i am web developer as well as seo expert, Internet marketing

i have one forum with google PR <snip/>, also have some wordpress blog with google pr 5

you may visit 2 check that <snip/>

i applied to google for adsense for my site <snip/> here more then 40

page google PR 5 and alexza under 400K, but they denied me, could any one help the

different way to apply for Google ad sense

advance thanks to give me suggestion

Your pagerank, alexa rating and qualifications are are irrelevant to applying. What matters if your site, and you, adhere to the AdSense program terms and goals. So the first question you should be trying to sort out is why… why did this program deny me?

If you figure out a clear answer that you can’t fix it’s time to move on. Sneaking in won’t help.

If you can’t figure it out than your best bet is to escalate the issue and try to find a reason replying back or contacting AdSense support.

There is no other way in. If you are not approved you don’t get to be a part of the program and partnering up, or applying under another site to get in will not work in the long run. Whatever stopped you today will be an issue for tomorrow unless you figure out how to resolve it.


May I know what is the reason Adsense reject you?

If you are getting decent traffic from the site, you may want to start with other programs like Clicksor in the meantime.