How to Start ADSense for a website?

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I have a website and i want connected with Google ADSense account.

And i was tried it but not Approved my website by ADSence account.

So what i need doing now?

Contact Google’s team and ask why or just review the terms and try to determine where you want wrong and change it yourself.

Do you have a website running from 3month 6months ? does it have quality content is the design good and you’re not running any other ads these are few things you should take into notice before actually applying for it…!! otherwise they may not approve your account

Spend a year or two developing in into a really nice site with lots of good content and you should have no problem getting in.

Set up a blog if you do not already have one and add fresh content to it for a week. Contact support with your url and ask for an account.

well actually you will need some time to pass before applying for adsense. I waited for 3 months before approving me. But it is easy get a good site or blog then log into the adsense page and follow the steps :slight_smile:

And for the approval process you have to get quality content and a lot of visitors otherwise they don’t approve you. Fix your site get some content wait for it to get indexed and let it get some visitors then apply again and you should have no problems :slight_smile:

What I know about starting with adsense is that you need to have an established website. It doesn’t have to be years or months old. The thing is that it should have enough content. If you have a blog, for instance, it is better to put more content and update it regularly. If you would set-up a blog, post one or two articles then apply for adsense, you’ll get rejected. Try to work on your site first before applying.

there are many steps you need to clear before get approval from google adsense.

High quality website
Rich content
Huge traffic
Low bounce rate
Organically strong

Hi Ted,

Thanks for post this information but how to contact google team for ADSense terms when not approved my website or blog.

You’ll have to reach out on their website digging up a contact email or form as best you can.

Your website must be 6 month old . traffic should be good in your website than Google will allow you for adsense account.